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Composer: Dussek, J.L.
Name:The Sufferings of the Queen of France
Work nr.:
Opus 23 C 98
Comment:"La Mort de Marie-Antoinette"
  The Queen’s Imprisonment (Largo) 1:30
  She reflects on her former greatness (Maestosamente; doloroso) 1:00
  They separate her from her childern [sic] (Agitato Assai) The Farewell of her Childern (Andante) 1:15
  They pronounce the sentence of death. (Allegro con furio) 0:10
  Her resignation to her fate (Allegro Innocente) 2:30
  The situation and reflections the night before her execution (Andante agitato) 1:15
  March (Lento) 1:45
  The savage tumult of the rabble (Presto Furioso) 0:20
  The Queen’s invocation to the Almighty just before her death (Molto Adagio Devotamente) The Guillotine drops 1:30
10   The Apotheosis (Allegro Maestoso) 1:30



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