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Composer: Moore, D
Name:The Ballad of Baby Doe
1.1a   Opening 3:30
1.1b   'It's A Bang-Up Job' 4:30
1.1c   'Horace, What Is This?' 2:30
1.1d   'I Beg Your Pardon' 2:00
1.2a   'What A Lovely Evening' 4:00
1.2b   'Willow, Where We Met Together' (Willow Song) 3:00
1.2c   'Oh, Mr. Tabor!' 1:15
1.2d   'Warm As The Autumn Light' 4:00
1.3a   'Now, Where Do You Suppose?' 4:30
1.3b   'Have You Seen Her?' 2:00
1.3c   'What Are You Looking For, Horace?' 4:00
1.4a   'Why, Mrs. Doe! 3:00
1.4b   'Dearest Mama' (Letter Song) 3:00
1.4c   'Excuse Me' 1:15
1.4d   'I Knew It Was Wrong' 3:45
1.4e   'No! No! No!' 2:30
1.5   'What Do You Intend To Do?' 5:00
1.6a   'Everything Looks Beautiful'pr Chor... 7:00
1.6b   'Gold Is A Fine Thing' (Silver Aria) 3:00
1.6c   'And I'll Show You Something Else' 4:30
2.1a   Opening 4:30
2.1b   'The Fine Ladies' 2:30
2.1c   'Mama, Go Inside!' 6:00
2.1d   'Augusta, What Are You Doing Here?' 3:30
2.2a   'I'll Raise You' 5:00
2.2b   'Turn Tail And Run!' 1:30
2.3a   'La, La, La, La' 5:30
2.3b   'Good People Of Leadville' 6:00
2.4a   'Extra! Extra!' 4:30
2.4b   'Augusta! Augusta!' 4:30
2.5a   'Hey, Mister!' 3:30
2.5b   'The Cattle Are Asleep' 4:30
2.5c   'Tabor Owns The Big Hotel' 5:00
2.5d   'Horace!' 2:30
2.5e   'Always Through The Changing' 4:00



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