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Worklist for Russell Alexander

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name cmt key instr year time genre
41 works
Across the Atlantic March   1899 March
Americans Before Havana Overture     Overture
Baltimore's Boast Marc   1899 March
Bastinado Galop   1908 Dances
Belford's Carnival   1897 2:00 
Burr's Triumphal   1897 March
Charioteers of Semiramis Galop     Dances
Colossus of Columbia   1901 March
Congressional Limited Galop     Dances
Conway's Cantata March     March
Decatur at Tripoli Overture     Overture
Embossing the Emblem March   1902 March
From Tropic To Tropic March   1898 March
Hampton Roads March   1919 March
International Vaudeville   1897 March
La Reine March   1907 March
Memphis the Majestic   1900 Overture
Olympia Hippodrome March   1898 March
Pall Mall Famous March   1909 March
Paramour of Panama March   1904 March
Patriots of the Patomac March   1903 March
Rival Rovers March   1899 March
Salute to Seattle March   1905 March
Shoot the Chutes Galop   1901 March
Song of the South   1905 Overture
Steeplechase Galop   1900 Dances
Storming El Caney March     March
Storming of El Caney Galop   1903 Dances
The Butterfly Dance     Dances
The Cantonians March   1908 March
The Comedy Club March   1907 March
The Conquest March   1913 March
The Crimson Flush March   1897 March
The Darlington March   1896 March
The Exposition Four March   1903 March
The Four Gladiators   1899 March
The Southerner March   1908 March
The Southerners Galop     Dances
Vicksburg the Valiant March     March
Vienna to Vicksburg      
Yankees in Vienna March     March



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