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Worklist for John Field

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name cmt key instr year time genre
19 works
13KNocturne no 18 in E major "Twelve O'Clock"  pno  5:00Nocturne
14ENocturne no 8 in A major  pno  4:00Nocturne
24Nocturne no 1 in E flat major  pno  5:00Nocturne
25Nocturne no 2 in C minor  pno  4:30Nocturne
26Nocturne no 3 in A flat major  pno  3:00Nocturne
30Nocturne no 9 in E flat major "Romance"  pno  3:00Nocturne
36Nocturne no 4 in A major  pno  5:00Nocturne
37Nocturne no 5 in B flat major  pno  3:30Nocturne
40Nocturne no 6 in F major  pno  5:00Nocturne
45Nocturne no 7 in C major  pno  6:00Nocturne
46bNocturne no 10 in E minor  pno  3:30Nocturne
54ANocturne no 17 in E major "Grand Pastorale"  pno  9:00Nocturne
55Nocturne no 19 in C major "Le Troubadour"  pno  Nocturne
56ANocturne no 11 in E flat major  pno  4:00Nocturne
58DNocturne no 12 in G major  pno  3:00Nocturne
59Nocturne no 13 in D minor  pno  3:00Nocturne
60Nocturne no 14 in C major  pno  7:00Nocturne
61Nocturne no 15 in C major  pno  3:00Nocturne
62ANocturne no 16 in F major  pno  4:30Nocturne



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