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Worklist for Robert Fuchs

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name cmt key instr year time genre
32 works
14Serenade for Strings no 2 in C major  str  Serenade
19Sonata for Piano no 1 in G flat major     Piano Sonata
20Sonata for Violin and Piano no 1 in F sharp minor      
21Serenade for Strings no 3 in E minor  str  Serenade
27Concerto for Piano in B flat minor     Piano concerto
29Sonata for Cello and Piano no 1 in D minor  cel,pno  Cello sonata
33Sonata for Violin and Piano no 2 in D major  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
53Serenade no 5 for small Orchestra in D major  orc  Serenade
577 Fantasy Pieces for Violin, Viola and Piano  vln,vla,pno  Fantasy
58Quartet for Strings no 1 in E major  stq  String quartet
62Quartet for Strings no 2 in A minor  stq  String quartet
63Andante Grazioso and Capriccio  sor  Capriccio
68Sonata for Violin and Piano no 3 in D minor  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
71Quartet for Strings no 3 in C major  stq  String quartet
77Sonata for Violin and Piano no 4 in E major  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
78Fantasiestücke     Fantasy
83Sonata for Cello and Piano no 2 in E flat minor  cel,pno  Cello sonata
86Sonata for Viola and Piano  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
87Fantasia for Organ in C major  org  Fantasy
88Sonata for Piano no 2 in G minor     Piano Sonata
91Fantasia for Organ in E minor  org  Fantasy
95Sonata for Violin and Piano no 5 in A major  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
97Sonata for double bass & piano     Sonata
101Fantasia for Organ in D flat major  org  Fantasy
102Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in E flat major  cla,str   
103Sonata for Violin and Piano no 6 in G minor  vln,pno  Violin Sonata
106Quartet for Strings no 4 in A major  stq  String quartet
109Sonata for Piano no 3 in D flat major     Piano Sonata
11012 Waltzes for Piano  pno  Waltz
115Trio for Piano, Violin and Viola in F# major  pno,vln,vla  27:30 
1176 Fantasies for Viola and Piano  vla,pno  Fantasy



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