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Worklist for Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

The Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften is busy to publish all the works of Mendelssohn in print. See here.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
186 works
1Piano Quartet #1 in C minor C- 1822 Piano quartet
2Piano Quartet #2 in F minor F- 1823 25:00Piano quartet
3Piano Quartet #3 in B minor B- 1825 Piano quartet
4Violin Sonata in F minor F- 1825 20:30Violin Sonata
5Capriccio in F Sharp minor F#- 1825 Capriccio
6Sonata in E Major E+ 1826 Sonata
77 Characteristic Pieces  voc21827  
812 Songs op. 8   1827 Song
912 Songs op. 9   1830 Song
10Die Hochzeit des CamachoDie Hochzeit des Camacho = The Marriage of Camacho.  1825 Opera
11Symphony no. 1 in C minor "1824" C- 1824 30:00Symphony
12String Quartet #1 in E Flat Major Eb+ 1829 24:30String quartet
13String Quartet #2 in A minor A- 1827 29:30String quartet
14Rondo capriccioso in E Major   1824 6:00Rondo
15Fantasy on "The Last Rose of Summer"   1827 Fantasy
163 Fantasies  pno1829 13:30 
17Variations concertantes  cel,pno1829 Variations
18String Quintet #1 in A Major A+ 1832 String Quintet
19Songs without Words, Vol. I  pno1830 16:00 
20Octet in E Flat Major for strings Eb+str1825 32:00 
21Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream   1826 12:00Overture
22Capriccio brillant in B minor B- 1826 11:00Capriccio
233 Sacred Pieces op. 23Tenor, chorus and orchestra. cho,orc,voc1830  
24Overture for winds in C MajorAlso: NotturnoC+ 1824 10:00Overture
25Piano Concerto #1 in G minor G- 1831 20:00Piano concerto
26Hebrides (or "Fingal's Cave") Overture B- 1830 10:00Overture
27Meeresstille und glückliche FahrtMeeresstille und glückliche Fahrt = Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage.D+ 1828 Overture
28Fantasy in F Sharp minor, "Sonate écossaise" F#- 1833 14:00Fantasy
29Rondo brillant in E Flat Major Eb+ 1834 11:00Rondo
30Songs without Words, Vol. II  pno1835 17:30 
31Psalm 115, "Nicht unserm Namen, Herr"  cho,orc,voc1830  
32Die schöne MelusineDie schöne Melusine = The Fair Melusina.F+ 1833 11:00Overture
333 Caprices   1834 Capriccio
346 Songs op. 34   1837 Song
356 Preludes and Fugues   1832 41:00Preludes and fugues
36Paulus   1832 2:10:00Oratorio
373 Preludes & Fugues: (org)   1837 Preludes and fugues
38Songs without Words, Vol. III  pno1837 14:30 
393 Motets op. 39for female chorus and organ.  1830 Motet
40Piano Concerto #2 in D minor D- 1837 22:30Piano concerto
416 Partsongs "Im Freien zu singen"6 Partsongs for mixed voices.  1838 Song
42Psalm 42, "Wie der Hirsch schreit"  cho,orc,voc1837  
43Serenade & Allegro giocoso in B minor B- 1838 Serenade
44:1String Quartet no. 3 in D Major D+ 1838 String Quintet
44:2String Quartet no. 4 in E minor E- 1837 28:30String quartet
44:3String Quartet no. 5 in E Flat Major Eb+ 1838 String quartet
45Cello Sonata no. 1 in B Flat Major Bb+ 1838 Cello sonata
46Psalm 95, "Kommt, lasst uns anbeten"For tenor, chorus and orchestra. cho,orc,voc1838  
476 Songs op. 47   1840 Song
486 Partsongs "Der erste Frühlingstag"6 Partsongs for mixed voices  1840 Song
49Piano Trio no. 1 in D minor D- 1839 31:00Piano trio
506 Partsongs op. 506 Partsongs for male voices.  1840 Song
51Psalm 114 "Da Israel aus Ägypten zog"  cho,orc1839  
52Symphony no. 2 "Lobgesang"Lobgesang = Song of Praise.Bb+ 1840 1:01:00Symphony
53Songs without Words, Vol. IV  pno1841 17:00 
54Variations sérieuses in D minor D- 1841 11:30Variations
55AntigoneAfter Sophocles.  1841 Incidental music
56Symphony no. 3 "Scottish" A- 1842 46:00Symphony
576 Songs op. 57   1843 Song
58Cello Sonata no. 2 in D Major D+ 1843 26:00Cello sonata
596 Partsongs "Im Grünen"6 Partsongs for mixed voices.  1844 Song
60Cantata, "Die erste Walpurgisnacht"   1832 Cantata
61A Midsummer Night's Dream   1842 43:00Incidental music
62Songs without Words, Vol. V  pno1844 14:30 
636 Duets   1845 15:00Duet
64Violin Concerto in E minor E- 1844 24:00Violin concerto
65:1Sonata for organ no. 1 in F minor F-org1844 16:30Sonata
65:2Sonata for organ no. 2 in F minor F-org  11:00Sonata
65:3Sonata for organ no. 3 in A major A+org  10:30Sonata
65:4Sonata for organ no. 4 in B flat major Bb+org  14:30Sonata
65:5Sonata for organ no. 5 in D major D+org  9:30Sonata
65:6Sonata for organ no. 6 in D minor D-org  17:00Sonata
66Piano Trio no. 2 in C minor C- 1845 32:00Piano trio
67Songs without Words, Vol. VI   1845 16:00Song
68An die Künstler: FestgesangMale chorus and brass.  1846 Song
693 English Church Pieces: (solo voices, chorusFor solo voices and chorus.  1847 Song
70Elias   1846 2:11:00Oratorio
716 Songs op. 71   1847 Song
72Kinderstücke  pno1847 8:30 
73Lauda Sion salvatorem   1846 29:30Cantata
74AthalieAfter Racine.  1845 Incidental music
754 Partsongs "Wandersmann"4 Partsongs for male voices.  1849 Song
764 Partsongs op. 764 Partsongs for male voices.  1848 Song
773 Duets op. 77   1848 Duet
78:1Psalm 2 "Warum toben die Heiden"Solo with double chorus.  1843 Hymn
78:2Psalm 43 "Richte mich, Gott"Solo with double chorus.  1844 Song
78:3Psalm 22 "Mein Gott, warum hast du"Solo with double chorus.  1844 4:00Song
796 Anthems op. 79   1848 Choir
80String Quartet no. 6 in F minor F- 1847 25:30String quartet
814 pieces for string quartet   1847 21:00String quartet
82Variations in E Flat Major Eb+ 1841 Variations
83Variations in B Flat Major Bb+ 1841 11:00Variations
843 Songs op. 84   1850 Song
85Songs without Words, Vol. VII   1850 13:30Song
866 Songs op. 86   1851 Song
87String Quintet no. 2 in B Flat Major Bb+ 1845 28:00String Quintet
886 Partsongs op. 886 Partsongs for mixed voices.  1850 Song
89Die Heimkehr aus der FremdeDie Heimkehr aus der Fremde = Son and Stranger.  1829 Opera
90Symphony no. 4 "Italian" A+ 1833 27:30Symphony
91Psalm 98 "Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied"  cho,orc1843  
92Allegro brillant in A Major A+ 1841 Allegro
93Oedipus at ColonosAfter Sophocles' play.  1845 Incidental music
94Infelice!For soprano and orchestra.  1843 Song
95Ruy Blas C- 1839 Overture
96Hymn op. 96For alt, chorus and orchestra.  1840 Song
97ChristusUnfinished.    Oratorio
98LoreleyUnfinished  1847 Opera
996 Songs op. 99   1852 Song
1004 Partsongs op. 1004 Partsongs for mixed voices.  1852 Song
101Trumpet Overture in C Major C+ 1826 9:00Overture
102Songs without Words, Vol. VIII   1868 14:30Song
103Trauer-Marsch in A minor for winds A- 1836 March
104a3 Preludes   1836 Prelude
104b3 Etudes   1836 Etude
105Sonata in G minor G- 1821 Sonata
106Sonata in B Flat Major Bb+ 1827 Sonata
107Symphony no. 5 "Reformation" D- 1832 33:30Symphony
108March in D Major D+ 1841 March
109Song without Words in D Major op. 109 D+pno1845 5:00Song
110Sextet in D Major D+cha1824  
111Tu es Petrus  cho,orc1827  
1122 Sacred Songs   1868 Song
113Concert Piece in D minorFor clarinet, basset horn and piano.D- 1833 Concerto
114Concert Piece in F minorFor clarinet, basset horn and pianoF- 1833 Concerto
1152 Sacred ChorusesFor male voices.  1833 Choir
116Funeral Song"Sahst du ihn herniederschweben". For mixed voices.  1845 Song
117Song without Words "Albumblatt" E-pno1837 Song
118Capriccio in E Major E+pno1837 Capriccio
119Perpetuum mobile in C Major C+pno   
1204 Partsongs op. 120   1847 Song
121Responsorium et hymnus   1833 Song
 Andante with Variations in D Major   1844 Andante
 Concerto for 2 Pianos in E Major E+ 1823 Piano concerto
 Concerto for 2 Pianos in A Flat Major Ab+ 1824 Piano concerto
 Concerto for Piano & Violin in D minor D-pno,vln1823 36:30Concerto
 Clarinet Sonata in E Flat Major Eb+cla,pno1824 Clarinet sonata
 Hear My Prayer (Hör' mein Bitten)Contains: O For the Wings of a Dove cho1844 Other religious
 Ostinato In C Minor C- 1823 6:00Passacaglia
 Piano Concerto in A minor A- 1822 Piano concerto
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 1 in C Major C+ 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 10 in B minor B- 1823 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 11 in F minor F- 1823 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 12 in G minor G- 1823 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 13 in C minorOne movement only.C- 1823 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 2 in D Major D+ 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 3 in E minor E- 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 4 in C minor C- 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 5 in B flat major Bb+ 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 6 in E flat major Eb+ 1821 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 7 in D minor D- 1822 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 8 in D Major D+ 1822 Sinfonia
 Sinfonia for Strings no. 9 in C minor C- 1823 Sinfonia
 Violin Concerto in D minor   1822 22:00Violin concerto
 Vom Himmel hoch, da komm' ich herWeihnachtskantate; From heav'n on high.    Choral
 Violin Sonata in F Major (1820) F+ 1820 Violin Sonata
 Violin Sonata in F Major (1838) F+ 1838 Violin Sonata
 Verleih uns Frieden (Grant us thy peace)     3:45Other religious
W1Etude in F minorPresto agitatoF-pno1826 Etude
W10Gondellied "Barcarole" A+pno1837 Song
W113 Volkslieder for 2 voices with piano     Song
W12Lord! Have mercy upon us A-cho1833 Other religious
W13Prélude et fugue in E minor E-pno1841 Preludes and fugues
W143 sacred Lieder for alt and choir  alt,cho,org1840 Other religious
W15Hor mein Bitten, HerrHear my prayer, o GodG+sop,cho,org1844 Hymn
W16Warnung vor dein Rheinden Rhein, an dein RheinG+voc,pno  Song
W172 Gesänge WoO 17  voc,pno1835 Song
W182 Gesänge WoO 18  voc,pno1841 Song
W19Klavierstücke  pno  5:30 
W2Scherzo in B minor B-pno1829 Scherzo
W20Seemans ScheideliedEs freut sich AllesD-voc,pno1831 Song
W21NachtgesangSchlummernd an des Vaters BrustBb+voc41842 Song
W22Die StiftungsfeierAuf, Freunde, lasst das Jahr uns singenEb+voc41842 Song
W23Des Madchens KlageDer Eichwald brauset romanceB-voc,pno  Song
W24Kyrie eleison A+voc81846 Kyrie
W25Duo concertantVariations sur la marche "La preciosa" de C.M. von WeberC-pno2,orc1833  
W26Ehre sei Gott in der Hohe  voc81846 Other religious
W27Heilig  voc8  Other religious
W28Psalm 100: Jauchzet dem Herrn alle Welt C+voc41842 Psalm
W29Te Deum A+voc0,pno,org1832 Hymn
W3Scherzo a capriccioPublié dans "L'album des pianistes"]F#-pno1836 6:00Scherzo
W42 Romances for voice and piano  voc,pno1834 Romance
W5Verleih' uns Frieden "Da nobis pacem, Domine"  cho,orc,org1831 Other religious
W6Andante cantabile e Presto agitato B+pno1838 Andante
W7Der Blumenkranz: An Celia's BaumThe Garland: By Celias arbourA+voc,pno1829 2:00Song
W8Ersatz fur UnbestandLieblich mundet der Becher WC-voc41839 Song
W9Festgesang zum GutenbergfestThe music of part 2 was adapted by W.H. Cummings for "Hark! The herald angels sing", a well known hymn based on a poem by Charles Wesley.  1840 Song cycle



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