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Worklist for William Schuman

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name cmt key instr year time genre
30 works
3 Colloquies For Horn and Orchestra  hor,orc   
4 Mail Order Madrigals     Madrigal
4 Rounds on Famous Words      
American Hymn      
Carols of Death      
Concerto for Piano and Small Orchestra     Concerto
George Washington Bridge      
In Praise of Shahn      
New England Triptych3 Pieces for Orchestra after William Billings orc  15:30 
Night Journey      
Orpheus with his lute      
Quartet for Strings no 3  str   
Quartettino for 4 Bassoons  bsn4   
Romance in F sharp     Romance
Symphony no 10 "American Muse"     Symphony
Symphony no 9 "Le fosse ardeatine"     Symphony
Symphony No. 3     Symphony
Symphony No. 4     Symphony
Symphony No. 5 "Symphony for strings"     Symphony
Symphony No. 6     Symphony
Symphony No. 7     Symphony
The Mighty Casey      
The Orchestra Song      
Three-Score Set      
To Thee Old Cause      
Variations on "America"      



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