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Worklist for Robert W. Smith

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name cmt key instr year time genre
44 works
Affirmation Overture     Overture
Africa   1994  
Africa: Ceremony, Song, and Ritual     9:00 
And the Nations Rejoice   1994  
Appalachian Overture   1994 Overture
Ceremonium   1994  
Christmas Concerto No 2   1994 Concerto
Christmas Concerto no. 1     Concerto
Christmas Overture     Overture
Classic TV Themes      
Danse Jubilante Overture     Overture
Discovery 1492 (Columbus)      
Encanto     Song
Fitzgerald Overture     Overture
Gemeinhardt Suite     Suite
Great Steamboat Race  brb  5:30 
Highlights for Music Box   1994  
Holiday Emblem      
I wonder As I WanderChristmas song    Hymn
Into the Storm   1994  
Ireland: of Legend and Lore     9:00 
Jingle Bells Forever      
Kennedy Overture     Overture
Montevista Overture     2:45Overture
Portsmouth Overture     Overture
Quantico March     March
Semper Liberi      
Songs of Earth, Water, Fire, and Sky  brb  8:00 
Songs of Sailor and Sea     Song cycle
Symphonic Festival      
Symphonic Festival Overture     Overture
The Divine Comedy   1994 19:00 
The Great Locomotive Chase     4:00 
The Iliad      
The Marchman      
The Winds of Poseidon      
To The Summit!      
Twelve Seconds to the Moon!   1996 12:00 
Westward Ho Medley      
Where the Black Hawk Soars      
Wilson Suite     Suite
Winds Of Poseidon  brb   



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