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Worklist for Georgy Sviridov

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name cmt key instr year time genre
25 works
14Chamber Symphony     Symphony
 3 Choruses for Tolstoy's Tsar Feodor Ivanovic     Song cycle
 3 dances  orc1951  
 6 romances on Pushkin's poem  pno,voc1935  
 6 Romances To Words by Pushkin     Romance
 Children's Album      
 Concert to the Memory of A. A. Yurlov     Concerto
 Concerto To The Memory Of A.A. Yurlov     Concerto
 Darkness has enveloped the whole earth      
 He's ruddy as an apple     Song
 Hymns to the Fatherland     Song
 Music for Chamber Orchestra  cor  21:30 
 Night cloudscantata after A. Blok for mixed chorus a cappella. cho1979 14:00Cantata
 Pushkin's GarlandConcerto For Choir On Verses    Concerto
 Russia Cast Adrift     Song
 Spring Cantataafter Nekrassov cho,orc1972  
 Sonata for Piano     Piano Sonata
 Snow is Falling     Cantata
 Sacred Love (Lyobuv Svyataya)     Song
 Songs Of Troubled Times     Song
 St Petersburg Songs     Song cycle
 Time, forward!Firstly composed to a film directed by Mikhail Shveitser, later arranged as orchestral suit. One of the composer’s most famous works because featured as the theme music of TV programm, “Novoe Bremya (New Time)”   1962 Film score
 Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello  cel,pno,vln   
 The forest sheds its crimson dress     Song
 Unspoken Miracle     Song



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