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Worklist for William Walton

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name cmt key instr year time genre
18 works
5 Bagatelles for guitar  gui1971 16:00Bagatelle
Battle of Britain   1969 Film score
Belshazzar's Feast   1931 Cantata
Crown Imperial (Coronation march)   1937 March
FaçadeSettings of poems by Edith Sitwell  1921 Song
Hamlet   1947 Film score
Henry V   1944 Film score
Orb and Sceptre (Coronation march)     March
Partita for orchestra  orc1957  
Portsmouth Point   1925 Overture
Richard III   1955 45:00Film score
Scapino   1940 Overture
Symphony No.1   1935 Symphony
Symphony No.2   1960 Symphony
The First of the Few   1942 Film score
Troilus and Cressida   1954 Opera
Viola Concerto  orc,vla1929 30:30 
Violin Concerto   1939 30:30Violin concerto



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