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Worklist for Eric Whitacre

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name cmt key instr year time genre
25 works
3 Flower Songs      
3 Songs of Faith      
3 Songs of Praise     Song cycle
5 Hebrew Love Songs      
A Boy and a Girl      
Animal Crackers vol. 1Poems by Ogden Nash cho   
Animal Crackers vol. 2Poems by Ogden Nash cho   
Cloudburst     7:30 
Ghost Train Triptych      
Go, Lovely Rose      
Her Sacred Spirit Soars      
I Hide Myself      
Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine      
Little Birds      
Little Tree      
Lux Aurumque     3:30Choir
October     7:00 
She Weeps Over Rahoon      
Sleep     5:00 
The City and the Sea     Song cycle
This Marriage     2:30 
Water Night     4:30 
When David Heard      
With a Lily in your hand     2:30 



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