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Worklist for John Wilbye

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name cmt key instr year time genre
14 works
Adieu, sweet Amaryllis     Madrigal
Alas what hope of speeding     1:45Madrigal
All Pleasure is of this Condition     3:00Madrigal
And Though My Love Abounding     Madrigal
As Matchless Beauty     2:45Madrigal
Draw on sweet night     Madrigal
Fly not so fast my dear     2:30Madrigal
I fall, I fall, O stay me     Madrigal
Oft Have I Vowed     Madrigal
Sweet love, It Thou Wilt Gaine a Monarches Gl     Madrigal
Sweet was the song the virgin sang     1:00Madrigal
The Lady Oriana     Madrigal
Thus Saith My Cloris     Madrigal
Weep, weep, mine eyes     2:00Madrigal



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