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About this website

- Who wrote "the flight of the bumble bee"?
- What is the opus number of Beethoven' "Für Elise"?
That is the kind of question for which you can find answers here.

OpusFinder is a specialized website that aims to help you find opus numbers for classical music works. As a side product it provides some additional information on works and opus lists.

OpusFinder has no claim to completeness and most probably contains quite a few factual errors. Its main claim to existence is that it provides in an easy interface information that otherwise is hard to find. The website will probably stay a work in progress forever. Help and contributions are appreciated.

You can start navigating the website either from the scrollmenu on top or from the composers alphabet on the left. Alternatively you can use the search box. Usually it is best to search after you have selected a composer. For search you need words of at least 4 characters. Some common words are not allowed.

We have a few conventions for shortness and some quirks:
- Some composers have "works without opusnumber" (in German: WoO = Werk ohne Opuszahl) . For example Beethoven's "Für Elise" is WoO 59. On Opusfinder that is abbreviated as W59
- Some composers have an appendix (Anhängsel) to their opuslist. These are on Opusfinder abberviated with an "A". For example Bach's "L'Intrada della Caccia" is in the BWV list Anhängsel 137. On OpusFinder that is "A137".
- The sorting of those abbreviations doesn't work as it should and is strictly alphabetical. You will find "W100" before "W59".



Opusfinder: connecting the world of classical music