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Worklist for Johan Christian Bach

The youngest son of Johan Sebastian

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Opus T CW
name cmt key instr year time genre
34 works
3:1 262:1C1aSymphony no. 1 in D major op. 3:1 D+ 1765 9:00Symphony
3:2 262:4C2aSymphony no. 2 in C major op. 3:2 C+ 1765 9:00Symphony
3:3 262:7C3aSymphony no. 3 in E flat major op. 3:3 Eb+ 1765 9:00Symphony
3:4 263:2C4aSymphony no. 4 in B flat major op. 3:4 Bb+ 1765 8:00Symphony
3:5 263:5C5aSymphony no. 5 in F major op. 3:5 F+ 1765 8:00Symphony
3:6 263:8C6aSymphony no. 6 in G major op. 3:6 G+ 1765 8:00Symphony
5:6  Keyboard Sonata in C minor op. 5 no 6 C-   Piano Sonata
7:1 293:4C55Keyboard concerto in C major Op. 7:1Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraC+org1777  
7:2 294:1C56Keyboard concerto in F major Op. 7:2Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraF+org1777  
7:3 293:8C57Keyboard concerto in D major Op. 7:3Concerto for keyboard & string orchestra org1777  
7:4 293:3C58Keyboard concerto in B flat major Op. 7:4Concerto for keyboard & string orchestra org1777  
7:5 294:5C59Keyboard concerto in E flat major Op. 7:5Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraEb+ 1777 15:00Piano concerto
7:6 294:7C60abKeyboard concerto in G major Op. 7:6Concerto for keyboard & string orchestra org1777  
13:1 295:1C62Keyboard concerto in C major Op. 13:1Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraC+org1777 13:00 
13:2 295:3C63Keyboard concerto in D major Op. 13:2Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraD+org1777 19:00 
13:3 295:6C64Keyboard concerto in F major Op. 13:3Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraF+org1777 13:00 
13:4 296:2C65Keyboard concerto in B flat major Op. 13:4"The yellow-haired laddie". Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraBb+org1777 16:30 
13:5 296:5C66Keyboard concerto in G major Op. 13:5Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraG+org1777 12:00 
13:6 295:7C67Keyboard concerto in E flat major Op. 13:6Concerto for keyboard & string orchestraEb+org1777 14:30 
16:2  Sonata in G for 2 recorders and continuo     9:00Sonata
16:4  Sonata in A for flute and piano  flu  6:30Sonata
17:1  Keyboard Sonata in G     Piano Sonata
17:2  Keyboard Sonata in C     16:00Piano Sonata
17:6  Keyboard Sonata op. 17 no. 6     12:30Piano Sonata
18:1 269:4C26Symphony no. 26 in E flat major op. 18:1 Eb+ 1775 13:30Symphony
18:2  Symphony no. 25 in D major op. 18:2     Symphony
18:3 270:4G15ov/bSymphony for double orchestra in D majorOverture Endimione.  1772 Symphony
18:4 270:7C27Symphony no. 27 in D major op. 18:4 D+   12:00Symphony
18:5 270:10C28Symphony no. 28 in E major op. 18:5 E+   Symphony
   Magnificat     Magnificat
   Quartet in C major  cha  19:00 
   Quartet in D major  cha  17:00 
   Quartet in G major  cha  16:00 
   Symphonie Concertante for violin &violoncelloSymphonie Concertante for violin and violoncello in Bb.Bb   21:00Symphony



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