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Worklist for Johann Georg Heinrich Backofen

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name cmt key instr year time genre
12 works
12 valses et 2 allemandes à deux et quatre mainsDeux valses et deux allemandes à deux et quatre mains pour le piano = 2 Waltzes and 2 Allemandes for Piano 2- and 4-Hands pno1834 Dances
3Clarinet Concerto in B flat major Bb+cla,orc1809 Clarinet concerto
413 Variazioni sull' aria "Ey mein lieber Augustin"  har1801 Variations
7Concertante for harp, basset horn and cello a.l.Concertante for harp, basset horn and cello ad libitum har,hor,cel1800  
8Concertante for harp, viola and cello ad libitum  har,vla,cel   
9Quintet in F for basset horn and string quartet  hor,stq  21:00 
10Sinfonia concertante in A major  cla2,orc1810 Sinfonia
133 Duos concertants  cla21803  
15Quintet for clarinet and string quartet  cla,stq1805  
16Clarinet concerto in E flat major op. 16  cla,orc1809  
24Clarinet concerto in E flat major op. 24  cla,orc1821  
37Grand Duo for 2 flutes      



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