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Worklist for Richard Rodney Bennett

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name cmt key instr year time genre
19 works
A Penny for a Song   1967 Opera
Concerto for alto saxophone     Concerto
Concerto for Wind Quintet   1983 Concerto
Elegy for Davis      
Farnham Festival Overture   1196 Overture
Missa Brevis   1990 Mass
On Christmas Day to My Heart  cho1998 Christmas song
Out of Your Sleep  cho   
Sea Change  cho1983  
Sonata for solo guitar  gui1983 Sonata
Sonatina for solo clarinet  cla  Sonatina
Spellswritten for soprano Jane Manning sop  Song cycle
Summer Music for flute and piano  flu,pno   
The Garden - A Serenade to Glimmerglass  cho2006  
The Ledge   1961 Opera
The Midnight Thief   1964 Opera
The Mines of Sulphur   1965 Opera
Trumpet Concerto  tru,wor  Concerto
Victory   1970 Opera



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