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Worklist for William Bolcom

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name cmt key instr year time genre
68 works
11:59  pno2000  
12 Etudes  pno1964 25:00 
12 New Etudes  pno1986 34:00 
3 Dance Portraits  pno1986 21:00 
3 Ghost Rags  pno1971 13:00 
9 Bagatelles  pno1996 10:00Bagatelle
A 60-second Ballet (for chickens)  pno1997 1:00Ballet
A Haunted Labyrinth  pno1994  
Afternoon Cakewalk-Rag SuiteAfternoon Cakewalk-Rag Suite Of Joplin, Lamb, Scott And Bolcom cla,vln,pno1979 25:00Suite
Angels Are the Highest Form of Virtue     Song
At the Last Lousy Moments of Love     Song
Aubade  obo,pno1982 7:00 
Bird Spirits  pno2000  
Black Host   1967 17:00 
Borborygm  org2001  
Brass Knuckles  pno1968 10:00 
Brass Quintet  bra1980 13:00 
Cabaret Songs  pno,voc1985 30:00Song cycle
Cadenza for Beethoven Concerto No. 4, Op. 58  pno1986 3:00 
Can't Sleep     Song
Capriccio   1985 19:00 
Celestial Dinner Music  flu,har1996 10:00 
Chorale Prelude (on Abide With Me)  org1970 3:00 
Collusions  pno1998  
Concert Piece for Clarinet and Piano  cla,pno1959 15:00 
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra  cla,orc1995 20:00Concerto
Converging on the Mountain  bra,tim,pcs,org1989 3:00 
Dark Music  cel,tim1970 10:00 
Decalage  cel,pno1962 9:00 
Dedicace: A Small Measure of Affection  pfh1992 1:00 
Dream Music No. 1  pno1965 8:00 
Dream Music No. 2  hsc1967 10:00 
Dream Shadows  pno1970 6:00Rag
Duets for Quintet  flu,cla,vln,cel,pno1970 10:00Duet
Duo Fantasy  vln,pno1973 10:00Fantasy
Fairy Tales  vla,cel,cym1988 12:00 
Fancy Tales  pno,vln1971 12:00 
Fanfare for the Detroit Opera HouseFanasia for 4 voices bra1996 1:30Fantasy
Fantasy-Sonata No. 1  pno   
Fields of Flowers  pno1978 5:00 
Frescoes  pno21971 27:00 
Garden Of Eden (Suite)  pno1969 16:00Suite
Gospel Preludes  org1984 Prelude
Graceful Ghost  pno1970 5:00Rag
Hydraulis  org1971 13:00 
Interlude  pno21963 9:00 
Lady Luck     Song
Little Suite of Four Dances Eb+cla,pno  7:00Suite
Love in the Thirties     4:00Song
Miracle Song     Song
Monsterpieces (and Others)For children pno1980 10:00 
Mysteries  org1976 15:00 
Never More Will the Wind     Song
Oh Close the Curtain     Song
Old Adam From the Garden of Eden     Song
Over The Piano     Song
Piano Quartet no. 1  cel,vla,vln,pno1976 22:00 
Piano Rags: A Folio of 15 Original Rags  pno   
Praeludium  org,vib1969 8:00 
Rag Tango (Homage to Ernesto Nazareth)  pno1988 3:00 
Raggin' Rudi  pno1972 4:00Rag
Recuerdos  pno21991 12:00 
Revelation Studies  car1976 26:00 
Romantic Pieces  pno1959 20:00 
Seabiscuits Rag  pno1967 3:00Rag
Sextet for Wind Quintet and Piano "FiveFoldFive"   1987 11:00 
Sonata for Two Pianos in One Movement  pno21993 16:00Sonata
The Poltergeist  pno1971 4:00Rag



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