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Worklist for Paul Bowles

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name cmt key instr year time genre
20 works
4 Miniatures  pno   
6 Latin American Pieces  pno1946 9:00 
6 Preludes for piano  pno1944 Prelude
Aria, chorale and rondo  pno1930  
Café sin Nombre  pno1933  
Carretera de Estepona  pno1939  
Constance Askew in the Garden  pno1935  
El Bejuco  pno1943  
Folk Preludes  pno1939 6:30Prelude
Guayanilla  pno1933  
Huapango no. 1  pno1937  
Huapango no. 2 "El Sol"  pno1937  
La Cuelga  pno1943  
La femme de Dakar  pno1933  
Portrait of Five  pno1935  
Prelude Theseus and Maldaror  pno1933 Prelude
Sayula  pno1946  
Sonata fragmentaria  pno1933 Sonata
Sonatina  pno1933 Sonatina
Tamanar  pno1933  



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