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Worklist for Frank Bridge

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name cmt key instr year time genre
68 works
1Piano Trio no. 1 in d   1900 Piano trio
3String Quartet in B flat   1901 String quartet
43 Dances  cel,pno1900  
6Scherzo Phantastick   1901 String quartet
7String Quintet in e   1901 String Quintet
8BerceuseH 8/9. For violin or cello and piano. cel,pno1901  
14The HagFor bariton and orchestra. orc,voc1902  
19Scherzetto  cel,pno1902  
22Con moto  pno,vln1903  
26SerenadeFor cello or violin and piano. cel,pno1903 2:45 
30Symphonic Poem  orc1904  
433 Pieces for string quartet   1904 String quartet
44Novelletten   1904 String quartet
47Elégie  cel,pno1904  
49Quintet in dFor piano and string quartet. cha1904  
532 Pieces H53  pno,vla1905  
55Phantasie Quartet in f  cha1905  
56Organ pieces book 1  org1905  
59Amaryllis  pno,vln1905  
60Norse Legend  pno,vln1905  
633 pieces for organ H63  org1905  
673 Idylls for string quartet   1906 String quartet
683 Sketches for piano  pno   
70String Quartet no.1 in e "Bologna"   1906 String quartet
78Isabella   1907 Symphonic poem
79Phantasie Trio in cFor piano, violin and cello cha1907 Fantasy
82Allegro appassionato  pno,vla1908 Allegro
84Dance Rhapsody  orc1908  
86An Irish Melody "Londonderry Air"   1908 String quartet
87Miniatures for violin, cello and piano no. 1  cel, pno,vln1906 Miniature
88Miniatures for violin, cello and piano no. 2  cel, pno,vln1906 Miniature
89Miniatures for violin, cello and piano no. 3  cel, pno,vln1907 Miniature
93Suite for string orchestra  pno1909 Suite
94Phantasie Piano Quartet in f#   1910 Piano quartet
95Incidental music for The Two Hunchbacks   1910 Incidental music
96Cradle Song  pno,vln1910  
99Mélodie for violin and pianoor for cello and piano pno,vln1911  
100The Sea   1912 Orchestral suite
101Viola Duos  vla1912  
1044 Short Pieces for violin and piano  pno,vln1912  
107String Sextet   1912 String sextet
111Dance Poem  orc1913  
115String Quartet no.2 in g  pno1915 String quartet
116Summer   1915 Symphonic poem
117LamentIn memory of the victims of the sinking of the Lusitania  1915 String orchestra
1192 Old English Songs   1916 String quartet
125Sonata in d for cello and piano  cel,pno1917 Sonata
132Blow Out, You BuglesFor tenor and orchestra. orc,voc1918  
133Morning Song  cel,pno1918  
139In memoriam C.H.H.P  org1918  
160Piano Sonata   1925 Piano Sonata
161aHeart's Ease  pno,vln1930  
173There Is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook  orc1927  
174Enter Spring   1926 Symphonic poem
175String Quartet no.3   1926 String quartet
176Rhapsody Trio  vla,vln1928 Rhapsody
178Trio no.2 for piano, violin, cello  cel,pno,vln1929  
179The Christmas RoseA children's opera  1929 Opera
180Oration  cel,orc1930  
182Phantasm  orc,pno1931  
183Sonata for violin and piano  pno1932 Sonata
188String Quartet no.4   1937 String quartet
189Divertimenti  cha1938 Divertimento
1903 pieces for organ H190  org1939  
191Rebus  orc1940  
192Allegro moderato for strings   1941 Strings
 2 poems  pno1916  
 Romeo and Juliet: A Prayer  cho,orc1916  



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