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Worklist for Ferruccio Busoni

K=Kindermann verzeichnis.

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K Opus
name cmt key instr year time genre
207 works
62 8Scherzo in F sharp minor for piano  pno1877 Scherzo
67 1Ave Maria op. 1  voc,pno1878 Antiphon
71 35 pieces for piano  pno1877  
77 14Minuetto in F major for piano  pno1878 Menuet
85 21Prelude and fugue in C minor for pianoPreludio e FugaC-pno1878 Preludes and fugues
89 25Gavotta in F major F+pno1878 Dances
91 2Ave Maria op. 2  voc,pno1878 Antiphon
94 38Lied der Klage  alt,pno1878 Song
98 39Des Sängers Fluch  alt,pno1879 17:30Ballade
100 12Racconti fantasticiDrei Charakterstücke. pno1878  
111 Siegfrieds Trauermarsch (Wagner)From Wagner's Götterdämmerung pno1883  
114 30Album Vocale4 songs voc,pno1879 14:00Song
124 61Minuetto capriccioso  pno1878 Menuet
126 11Danze antiche for pianoancient dances pno1878 Dances
152 70Gavotta in F minor F-pno1880 Dances
157 7Prelude and fugue in C minor for organPräludium und FugeC-org1880 Preludes and fugues
159 103 Pezzi nello stile antico3 pieces in ancient style. pno1880  
167 312 Lieder op. 31  voc,pno1883 6:30Song
180 36Prelude and fugue in C major for pianoPreludio e Fuga pno1881 Preludes and fugues
181 3724 preludes for piano24 Präludien pno1880 Prelude
185 9Una Festa di Villaggio6 Charakterstücke für Pianoforte pno1881  
189 13Danza Notturna in D major  pno1882 Dances
190 35Ave Maria op. 35  bar,orc1882 Antiphon
191 Primavera, Estate, Autunno, Inverno  mch,orc1882  
193 32Marcia di Paesani e Contadine  pno1882  
194 33Macchiette medioevali  pno1883  
196 34Serenata in G minor G-cel,pno1882 Serenade
197 4-63 morceaux pour piano  pno1882  
201 25Symphonic Suite for Orchestra  orc1883 Symphonic suite
202 152 Lieder op. 15Poems by Byron. Hebräische Melodien. voc,pno1880 8:00Song
203 166 Etudes for piano  pno1883 Etude
206 17Etude en forme de variations C#+pno1883 Etude
207 182 Altdeutsche Lieder  voc,pno1884 Song
207a Unter den Linden  sop,pno1893 Song
208 19String quartet in C major  stq1882 String quartet
209 20Zweite Ballett-Szene for piano  pno1884  
213 22Prelude in C minor (Chopin op. 28 No. 20)Variations and Fugue (fuge) on Chopins Prelude in C minor pno1885 Prelude
213a Prelude in C minor (Chopin op. 28 No. 20) - 210 Variations: Improved version. pno1922 Variations
215 23Kleine Suite für Violoncello und Pianoforte  cel,pno1885 Suite
216 242 Lieder op. 24  voc,pno1885 6:15Song
225 26String quartet in D minor  stq1887 String quartet
227 27Finnländische Volksweisen  pfh1888  
229 284 Bagatelles for violin and piano  vln,pno1888 Bagatelle
234 29Sonata in E minor for violin and piano  vln,pno1890 Violin Sonata
235 30a2 Piano piecesZwei Klavierstücke pno1890  
235a 30a2 Tanzstücke2 dance pieces pno1914  
236 31aConcert piece for piano and orchestraKonzertstück pno,orc   
237 Kultaselle10 short variations on a finnish folk tune. cel,pno1890 Variations
238 33aBallet no. 4 - piano scene in the Form of a Concert WaltzVierte Ballett-Szene für Pianoforte pno1892  
238a 33aBallet scene no. 4 (neufassung)  pno1913  
240 32aSymphonic poemSymphonisches Tongedicht orc1893 Symphonic poem
241 33b6 Pieces for Piano  pno1896  
242 34aSymphonic Suite No. 2 "Geharnischte Suite"     22:00Symphonic suite
243 35aViolin Concerto in D major  vln,orc1899 Violin concerto
244 36aViolin Sonata in E minor E-vln,pno1898 Violin Sonata
245 38Lustspiel Overture  orc1897 Overture
247 39Piano Concerto with male choir  pno,orc,mch1904 1:09:00Piano concerto
248 41Turandot - suitefrom an opera by Philipp Jarnach. orc1905 Orchestral suite
248a 41Verzweiflung und ErgebungAddition for Turandot  1911  
248b 41Altoums WarnungNachkomponierter Satz zur Orchestersuite Turandot. orc1911  
249 Elegies for piano  pno1908 Elegy
251 Nuit de NoëlEsquisse pno1908  
252 Berceuse for piano  pno1909 Berceuse
252a 42Berceuse Elegiaque  orc1909 8:00Berceuse
254 An die Jugend4 compositions for piano pno1909  
255 Grosse Fuge (Fantasy on Bach BWV 1080)Fantasy on Die Kunst der Fuge. pno1910 Fantasy
256 Fantasia contrappuntistica, Editione definitiva  pno1910 Fantasy
256a Fantasia contrappuntistica, Editione minore  pno1912 Fantasy
256b Fantasia contrappuntistica  pno21921 Fantasy
257 Sonatina  pno1910 Sonatina
258 Die BrautwahlBased on a story by E. T. A. Hoffmanns.  1911 Opera
259 Sonatina seconda  pno1912 Sonatina
261 45Die Brautwahl - suite  orc1912 Suite
262 43Nocturne Symphonique  orc1913 Nocturne
264 44Indian fantasy  pno,orc1914  
266 46Rondò arlecchinesco  orc1915 Rondo
267 Indianisches TagebuchRed Indian Diary    12:30 
268 Sonatina ad usum infantis  pno1915 7:00Sonatina
269 47Gesang vom Reigen der GeisterIndianisches Tagebuch, Zweites Buch für kleines Orchester. orc1915  
270 50ArlecchinoEin theatralisches Capriccio in einem Aufzug.  1916 Opera
271 Wie wohl ist mir, o Freund der Seele (Bach BWV517)Improvisation on "Wie wohl ist mir, o Freund der Seele". pno21916 Fantasy
272 Albumblatt in E minor for flute or violin and piano  flu/vln,pno1916  
272a Albumblatt in E minor for piano E-pno1918  
273 Turandot - opera   1917 Opera
274 Sonatina in diem nativitatis Christi  pno1917 Sonatina
276 48Concertino for Clarinet & String Orchestra   1918 10:00Concerto
277-278 Altoums GebetFrom the opera "Turandot". bar,orc1919  
278a 49:2Lied des MephistophelesFrom Goethes "Faust"; From "Fünf Goethe-Lieder". Es war einmal ein König bar,pno1918 1:30Song
280 Sonatina brevis in signo joannis Sebastiani Magni  pno1918 Sonatina
281 Lied des UnmutsFrom "Fünf Goethe-Lieder". Keinen Reimer wird man finden bar,pno1918 3:00Song
282 51Sarabande and Cortège2 studies on "Doktor Faust". orc1919 Sarabande
284 Sonatina super CarmenChamber fantasy pno1920 Sonatina
285 52Divertimento for Flute and Orchestra  flu,orc1920 Divertimento
286 Elegy in E flat major for Clarinet and Piano  cla,pno1920 Elegy
287 Toccata, Preludio - Fantasia - Ciaccona  pno1920 Toccata
288 53Tanzwalzer for orchestra  orc  12:30Dances
289 3 Albumblätter  pno1921  
290 54Romanza e Scherzoso  pno,orc1921 Romance
291 2 Songs KiV 291   1921 4:10Song
292 31a,54Concertino for piano and orchestra2 editions: one from 1890 and one from 1921. pno,orc1890 Concertino
293 Perpetuum mobileAfter the second part of the Concertino op. 54 pno1922  
295 55:2ZigeunerliedFrom "Fünf Goethe-Lieder". Im Nebelgeriesel, im tiefen Schnee. bar,orc1923 2:00Song
296 5 short pieces for exercise of polyphone playFünf kurze Stücke zur Pflege des polyphonen Spiels auf dem Pianoforte pno1923  
297 Prélude et Etude en Arpèges  pno1923 Etude
298a Schlechter TrostFrom "Fünf Goethe-Lieder". Mitternachts weint' und schluchzt' ich. bar,pno1924 2:45Song
303 Doktor FaustKlavierauszug von Philipp Jarnach pno1924  
  Klavierübung in 5 partsPiano etude in 5 parts. pno1917 Etude
  Lied des BranderBranders Lied. From "Fünf Goethe-Lieder". Es war eine Ratt' im Kellernest.    1:15Song
B1 582 cadences to Piano Concerto no. 4 (Beethoven op. 58)      
B10 Piano Concerto no. 24 (Mozart KV491)3 Cadences     
B100 Overture in B major (Schubert D470)  pno1888 Overture
B101 5 menuets with 6 trios (Schubert D89)  pno1888  
B102 5 Deutsche Tänze with coda and 7 trios (Schubert D90)5 german dances pno1888 Dances
B103 Overture in D major (Schubert D556)  pno1889 Overture
B104 Overture in E minor (Schubert D648)  pno1889 Overture
B105 Overture in D major (Schubert D590)Overture in Italian style. pno1889 Overture
B106 Overture in C major (Schubert D591)Overture in Italian style.  1889 Overture
B109 Allegro for Piano and Orch (Schumann op. 134) D2pfh1888 Allegro
B114 Scherzo in G minor (Liszt S153)   1922 Scherzo
B13 Piano Concerto no. 21 (Mozart KV467)2 Cadences in C majorC+ 1922  
B14 Piano Concerto no. 22 (Mozart KV482)2 Cadences in E flat major  1922  
B15 Piano Concerto no. 19 (Mozart KV459)2 Cadences in F major  1922  
B16 Piano Concerto no. 17 (Mozart KV453)2 Cadences in G major  1922  
B18 Piano Concerto no. 25 (Mozart KV503)Cadence  1923  
B2 584 cadences to Beethoven Piano Concerts 1,3 and 4 (Op. 15,37,58)   1901  
B20 Prelude and Fugue in D Major (Bach BWV532)  pno1888 Prelude
B22 Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major (Bach BWV552)  pno1890 17:30Preludes and fugues
B23 Inventions (Bach BWV 772-801)  pno1982  
B24 Chaconne (Bach BWV1004 no. 5)The chaconne is a Spanish dance that Bach used as basis for a few dozen violin variations (BWV1004-1005).
This is one of Busoni best known transcriptions.
D-pno  14:00Chaconne
B25 Well-Tempered Clavier (Bach BWV 846-893)Second part from 1916. pno1894  
B253 Fantasy after JS Bach  pno1909 Fantasy
B26 Prelude and Fugue in E Minor (Bach BWV533)  pno1894 Preludes and fugues
B27:1 Komm, Gott Schöpfer, heiliger Geist (BWV 667)  pno   
B27:2 Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (BWV 645)  pno   
B27:3 Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland (Bach BWV659)Piano transcription of Bach (several BWV's). pno  5:00 
B27:4 Nun freut euch lieben Christen g'mein BWV734a G+pno   
B27:5 Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BWV 639)  pno   
B27:6 Herr Gott, nun schleuß den Himmel auf BWV617  pno   
B27:7 Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt (BWV637)  pno   
B27:8 In dir ist Freude (Bach BWV 615)  pno   
B27:9 Jesus Christus, unser Heiland (Bach BWV665)  pno   
B28 Piano Concerto (Bach BWV1052) - pno/orc D-pno,orc   
B29:1 Toccata and Fugue (Bach BWV564) C+pno1900 15:30Toccata
B29:2 Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV565)  pno1900 Toccata
B3 613 Cadences to Beethoven's Violin Concerto   1915  
B30 Piano Concerto (Bach BWV1052) - piano D-pno21900  
B31 Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (Bach BWV903) - piano  pno1902 Fantasy
B32 18 little preludes and a fughetta (Bach)  pno1916 Prelude
B33 4 Duets for piano (Bach BWV 802-805)  pno1914  
B34 Capriccio in B major (Bach BWV992)Die Abreise des vielgeliebten Bruders. pno1915 Capriccio
B35 Goldberg Variations (Bach BWV988)  pno1915  
B36 Prelude, Fugue and Allegro (Bach BWV998) Eb+pno1915 Allegro
B37 Fantasia, Adagio and Fuga (Bach BWV806, 968)BWV 806: English suite no. 1 BWV 968: Adagio in G major pno1915 Fugue
B38 Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (Bach BWV903) - cello and piano  cel,pno1917 Fantasy
B39 3 Toccatas (Bach BWV914-916)  pno1920 Toccata
B40 Musikalischen Opfer (Bach BWV1079)Canonic Variations and Fugue after Musikalischen Opfer. pno1916 Variations
B41 Fantasy und Fugue in A minor (BWV904) A-pno1917 Fugue
B42 Fantasie, Fugue, Andante and Scherzo (Bach BWV905,969 and 844)BWV 905,969 and 844 pno1920 Fantasy
B43 Sarabanda con partite (Bach BWV990)  pno1921 Sarabande
B44 Aria variata alla maniera italiana (Bach BWV989)  pno1921  
B47 Ecossaises (Beethoven WoO 83)  pno1889 Dances
B49 Benedictus from Missa Solemnis (Beethoven op. 123)  vln,orc1916  
B5 77Cadence to Brahms' Violin Concerto (op. 77)   1914  
B50 6 Organ Preludes (Brahms op. 122)  pno1902 Prelude
B51 Polonaise in A flat major (Chopin op. 53)  pno1909 Dances
B52 Der Barbier von Bagdad (P. Cornelius)Fantasy on motives from the opera "Der Barbier von Bagdad" by Cornelius pno1886 Fantasy
B53 8 Piano Etudes by J.B. Cramer  pno1897 Etude
B54 Novellette for Piano, Violin and Cello (N.W. Gade op. 29)  2pfh1889  
B55 Concert fantasy on "Merlin" (Goldmark)Piano transcription of a concert fantasy on motives from the opera Merlin by C. Goldmark. pno1888 Fantasy
B56 Piano excerpt of opera Merlin (C. Goldmark)  pfh   
B58 Rapsodie Espagnole (Liszt S254)Rhapsodie Espagnole pno,orc1894 Rhapsody
B59 Fantasy and Fugue "Ad nos ad salutarem undam" (Listzt S624)   1897  
B61 Mephisto Waltzes (Liszt)  pno1904  
B62 Heroischer Marsch in ungarischem Stil (Liszt S231)  pno1905 March
B63 Petrarca: Sonetto 104 (Liszt)  orc1911  
B64 Polonaise no. 2 in E major (Liszt)   1909 Dances
B65 Fantasy on "Die Hochzeit des Figaro"   1912 Fantasy
B67 Etude Nr. 6 in A minor (Paganini-Liszt)  pno1914 Etude
B68 La Campanella (Paganini - Liszt S140 no. 3) G#-pno1916 Etude
B69 Valse oubliée (Liszt S215)  cel,pno1017 Waltz
B7 2 cadences to Piano Concerto no. 20 (Mozart KV466)   1907  
B70 Andantino capriccioso (Paganini/Liszt S140n2)  pno1917 Andante
B71 Don Giovanni (Mozart - Liszt S697)Concert fantasy on motives from "Don Giovanni". pno  Fantasy
B72 Totentanz (Liszt S525)  pno,orc1919 Fantasy
B73 Hungarian Rapsody no. 19 (Liszt S244 no. 19)  pno1920 Rhapsody
B74 Arpeggio (Paganini - Liszt S140 no. 4)  pno1923  
B75 Tremolo (Paganini - Liszt S140 no. 1)  pno1923  
B76 La Chasse (Paganini - Liszt S140 no. 5)  pno1923  
B77 Symphony no. 1 (Mendelssohn op. 11)  2pfh   
B78 Symphonie Nr. 30 in D major (Mozart KV 202)  pno1888  
B79 Symphonie Nr. 32 in G major (Mozart KV 318)  pno   
B8 2 Cadences to Violin Concerto no. 9 (Mozart KV271) Eb+ 1916  
B80 Symphonie Nr. 37 in G major (Mozart KV 444)  pno1888  
B81 Overture "Die Entführung aus dem Serail" (Mozart KV384)   1904 Overture
B82 Overture "Don Giovanni" (Mozart KV527)   1911 Overture
B84 Andantino from Violin Concerto no. 9 (Mozart KV271)  pno1914  
B85 Idomeneo (Mozart KV366)Concert suite orc1919 Suite
B87 Rondo concertante (Mozart KV482 finale)From Mozart's Piano Concerto no 22)Eb+pno,orc1922 Rondo
B88 Duettino Concertante (Mozart K459-3)From the finale of Mozart KV 459 (Piano concerto no. 19 in F major)F+pno1919 8:00 
B9 Piano Concerto no. 23 (Mozart KV488)Candence and Coda.  1919  
B90 Clarinet Concert in A major (Mozart KV622 adagio)AdagioA+ 1922 Adagio
B91 Fantasy on an Organ Waltz (Mozart KV608) F-pno21923 Fantasy
B93 Overture "Die Zauberflöte" (Mozart KV620)  pno21923 Overture
B95 Scherzo from String Quartet no. 1 (O. Novacek) E-pno1892 Scherzo
B97 Paino piece (Schönberg op. 11 no. 2)  pno1910  
B98 Overture "Der Teufel als Hydralicus" (Schubert D4)  pno1888 Overture
B99 Overture in D major (Schubert D26)  pno1888 Overture



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