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Worklist for Charles Wakefield Cadman

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name cmt key instr year time genre
35 works
30:1Legend in F major F+cha   
30:2Caprice in G major G+cha  Capriccio
454 American Indian Songs      
54Idealized Indian Themes      
56Trio for Piano and Strings in D major     24:00Piano trio
63Thunderbird Suite  orc1914 Suite
68Legend of the Canyon     4:00 
 Aurora Borealis  orc1944  
 At Dawning     2:15Song
 A Mad Empress Remembers  cel,orc1944  
 A Witch of Salem   1926 Opera
 Dark Dancers of Mardi Gras  orc1933  
 I Hear a Thrush at Eve, "Serenade"     2:15Song
 Lelawala   1926 Operetta
 Little Firefly     3:15 
 Meditation in D flat major D+cha1904  
 Oriental Rhapsody  orc1929 Rhapsody
 Piano Quintet in G minor G- 1937 20:00Piano quintet
 Pennsylvania Symphony  orc1939 Symphony
 Ramalarevision of The Land of the Misty Water    Opera
 Sayonara     Song
 South in Sonora   1932 Operetta
 Suite on American Folksongs  orc1937 Suite
 Shanewis, or The Robin Woman   1918 Opera
 String Quartet  stq1917 String quartet
 To a Vanishing Race  orc1925  
 The Belle of Havana   1928 Operetta
 The Feather of the Dawn  orc1923  
 The Ghost of Lollypop Bay   1926 Operetta
 The Garden of Mystery   1925 Opera
 The Land of the Misty Water   1912 Opera
 Trail Pictures Suite  orc1934 Suite
 The Sunset Trail   1922 Opera
 The Willow Wind     Song
 Violin Sonata in G major  vln,pno1937 25:00Violin Sonata



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