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Worklist for John Barnes Chance

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name cmt key instr year time genre
18 works
3 Songs on texts of Cummings  sop,flu,pno1962 Song
Alleluia  cho,brb  Hymn
Ballad and March  cho,brb1962 March
Blessed are They that Mourn  cho,hor,str,pcs1961  
Blue Lake Overture  brb1967 Overture
Credo  tru,pno1959  
Elegy  brb1972 Elegy
Fiesta!  orc1960  
Incantation and Dance  brb1962 Dances
Introduction and Capriccio  pno,win1966 Capriccio
Kyrie and Alleluia  cho,orc1967 Hymn
Overture to a Fairy Tale  orc1957 Overture
Satiric Suite  sor1961 Suite
Symphony no 2 for Winds and Percussion   1972 Symphony
Symphony no. 1  orc1956 Symphony
The Noiseless, Patient Spider  fch,flu01961  
Variations on a Korean Folk Song  brb1967 Variations



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