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Worklist for Dan Coleman

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name cmt key instr year time genre
37 works
Burden of Dreams  pno1993 10:00 
Chamber Symphony  cor1997 15:00 
Dezembrum  vln,cel1992 7:00 
Earth Your Dancing Place  cel1993 8:00 
Elements  cla,vln,cel,pno2003 10:00 
Focoso  orc2002 12:00 
Going to the Silent Place  obo,vln,vla,cel1993 8:00 
Halley's Comet  voc,pno1999 4:00 
High Desert Slow Dance  cla,hor,bsn,vln,vla,cel,d2003 5:00 
L'alma respira  orc2002 15:00 
Le campane  cla,vln2,vla,cel,pno2001 10:00 
Liquid Prelude  tru2003 2:00Prelude
Long ago this radiant day  sor1994 15:00 
Many Happy Returns  vln1995 4:00 
Music for a Cold Night  flu,cla,pcs2,pno,vln,cel2000 8:00 
Mysteries  flu,cla,vln,cel2001 8:00 
Night Singing  pno2005 7:00 
O Leave Me Not  cho1993 3:00 
October Overture  sor1998 5:00Overture
Parables of Flight  sor1996 20:00 
Pavanes and Symmetries  flu,sor2000 10:00 
Quasi fantasia  pno1998 15:00 
Quintet (after Elizabeth Bishop)  cla,stq2001 20:00 
Sad and Ancient Phrases  vln,pno1999 12:00 
Sonata in Two Acts  vln,pno1996 20:00Sonata
Sonata notturna  vln,pno1997 15:00Sonata
Song at the End of Summer  orc1999 8:00 
Songs and Conversations  sor1996 10:00 
String Quartet No. 1 "quartetto ricercare"  vln2,vla,cel1999 20:00String quartet
String Quartet no. 2   2004 25:00String quartet
Summer  vla,pno2003 10:00 
Tableaux (after Beethoven)  orc2005 20:00 
The Only Dance There Is  vln,pno1995 6:00 
The Swing of Things   2003 12:00 
The Voice of the Rain  orc1997 8:00 
Winter Arias  orc2004 20:00 
Wondrous Night   2003 6:00 



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