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Worklist for Henry Cowell

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name cmt key instr year time genre
80 works
26 Simultaneous Mosaics      
3 Irish Legends for Piano  pno   
4 Irish Tales for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc   
6 Songs on Mother Goose Rhymes     Song cycle
7 Paragraphs      
7 Paragraphs for Strings Trio      
Aeolian Harp      
American melting pot      
Anger Dance      
Angus Og      
Because the Cat      
Dance of Sport      
Dynamic Motion      
Fiddler's Jig      
Firelight and Lamp      
Grinnel Fanfare      
Grinnell Fanfare      
Harp of life      
Heroic Dance      
Homage to Iran      
How Old is Song?      
Hymn and Fuguing Tune      
I heard in the night      
II High Color  pno  7:00 
Irish Jig for Piano      
Lilt of the Reel      
Manaunaun's Birthing      
Mice Lament      
Music I Heard      
Music, when Soft Voices Die      
Night Fliers      
Old American Country Set      
Ongaku for Orchestra      
Persian Set      
Piano Trio in 9 Short Movements      
Pièce pour piano avec cordes      
Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harp      
Quartet for Strings "Euphometric"      
Quartet for Strings no 2 "Movement"      
Quartet for Strings no 3 "Mosaic"      
Quartet Romantic      
Reel for Small Orchestra no 2      
Rondo for Brass      
Set of Five      
Slow Jig      
Snows of Fujiyama      
Sonata for Cello and Piano in C minor      
Sonata for Violin and Piano no 1  pno,vln  Sonata
Sound Form no 1      
Spring Pools      
St Agnes Morning      
String Quartet "Euphometric"      
Suite for Small Orchestra      
Sweet was the song the virgin sung      
Symphonic Set      
Symphony No. 11 "Seven Rituals of Music"      
Symphony No. 15 "Thesis"     Symphony
Tall Tale      
The Banshee      
The Donkey      
The Dream Bridge      
The Fairy Answer      
The Hero Sun      
The Lilt of the Reel      
The Little Black Boy      
The Morning Pool      
The Pasture      
The Tides of Manaunaun      
The Universal Flute      
The Voice of Lir      



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