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Worklist for Michael Daugherty

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name cmt key instr year time genre
45 works
Jackie's Song  cha1996 15:00 
Beat Boxer   1991 10:00 
Bizarro  win1993 10:00 
Blue Like an Orange  cor1987 10:00 
Bounce  cha1998 8:30 
Dead Elvis  cha1993 10:00 
Desi  win1991 6:00 
Elvis Everywhere   1993 8:30 
Firecracker  cha1991 15:00 
Flamingo  cor1991 9:00 
Hell's Angels  brb1999 16:00 
Jackie O   1997 Opera
Krypton  orc1993 7:00 
Le Tombeau de Liberace   1996 16:00 
Leap Day  orc1996 5:00 
Letters from Lincoln  bar,orc   
Lex  orc1991 9:00 
Lounge Lizards  cha1994 15:00 
Metropolis Symphony  orc1993 42:00Symphony
Motor City Triptych  brb2000 31:00 
Motown Metal  brb1994 7:00 
Mxyzptlk  orc1988 7:00 
Niagara Falls  brb1997 10:00 
Oh, Lois!  orc1989 5:00 
Once Upon a CastleSymphonie Concertante for Organ and Orchestra org,orc2003 25:00 
Paul Robeson Told Me   1994 8:30 
Philadelphia Stories   2001 29:00 
Piano Plus  pno1985 12:00 
Red Cape Tango  orc1993 13:00 
Rosa Parks Boulevard  brb2001 12:00 
Route 66   1998 7:30 
Shaken Not Stirred  cha1994 10:00 
Sinatra Shag  cha1997 5:00 
Sing Sing: J. Edgar Hoover   1992 11:00 
Snap!  cor1987 7:00 
Spaghetti Western   1998 20:00 
Strut  sor1994 6:00 
Sunset Strip   1999 15:00 
The High and the Mighty  cha2000 7:00 
Timbuktuba  brb1996 7:00 
UFO for Solo Percussion and Orchestra   1999 30:00 
Used Car Salesman  cha2000 12:00 
Venetian Blinds  pno2002 9:00 
What's That Spell?  cor1995 13:00 
Yo amaba a Lucy (I Loved Lucy)  flu,gui1996 8:30 



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