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Worklist for Carlo Domeniconi

Domeniconi lived a long time in Turkey.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
24 works
19Koyunbaba  gui1985 17:30 
37Sonata for flute and guitar  gui  Sonata
50aFantasie d'oriente e d'occidente  gui   
52Hommage à Jimi Hendrix  gui   
67Concerto for 2 Guitars "Mediterraneo"  gui  Concerto
 5 Pieces for Cello and Guitar  cel   
 5 Pezzi In Stile Classico  gui   
 7 imaginations for cello and guitar  gui   
 Concerto for 2 Guitars "Oyun"  gui  Concerto
 Circus Music  gui   
 Juegos del Vientos  gui   
 Malamatina  gui   
 Minyo  gui   
 Pork-pie  gui   
 Prana  gui   
 Suite Caratteristica  gui  Suite
 Schnee in Istanbul  gui   
 Sindbad  gui   
 Toccata in blue  gui  Toccata
 To Play or Not to Play  gui   
 Trilogy  gui   
 The Rose in the Garden  gui   
 Vater für Schafe  gui   
 Variations on an Anatolian Folksong  gui  Variations



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