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Worklist for Charles Edward Duble

Also known as CE Duble

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name cmt key instr year time genre
35 works
Across Canada   1909 March
Among the Lilies   1911 Waltz
Barnum & Bailey Royal Pageant   1917 March
Battle of the Winds  brb1917  
Berry's U S Republic Band   1907 March
Bravura  brb1918 2:45 
Crimson Plume  brb1916  
Evans' Fashion Plate   1922 March
Floral City March   1905 March
Flowers of Paris   1909 Waltz
Gallrein's Triumphal   1907 March
Heroes of Luzon   1907 March
La Garde d'Honneur   1908 March
Luna Dome   1907 March
Old Glory Triumphant   1919 March
Olivett   1909 March
On Florida Shores   1926 March
Our Congress   1906 March
Prince Imperial   1908 March
Radio Fans   1928 March
Red Coat Battery   1910 March
Ringling Bros. Grand Entree   1906 March
Ringling's Grand Entrée  brb   
Royal Tournament   1917 March
Salute to Dalbey   1906 March
Salute to Williamsport   1906 March
Sounds from the Harem  brb1920  
The Circus King   1916 March
The Gay American   1921 March
The Magnificent   1907 March
The Warriorpub. for piano, arr. for band by Loren Geiger    March
Trooper's Greeting  brb1910  
Under White Tents   1908 March
Wizard of the West  brb1908 March
Zip Boom Galop   1920 March



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