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Worklist for Maurice Emmanuel

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name cmt key instr year time genre
30 works
1Pierrot peintre   1886 Pantomime
2Sonata for cello and piano   1887 Cello sonata
3Ouverture pour un conte gai   1890 Overture
4Sonatina no. 1 "Bourguignonne"   1893 Sonatina
5Sonatina no. 2 "Pastorale"   1897 Sonatina
6Violin sonata in D minor D-vln,pno1902 Violin Sonata
7Zingaresca  pic2,pno2,tim,str,1902 Fantasy
8String quartet in B flat major Bb+str1903 String quartet
9O filii  voc0,cho1905 Song
10Suite sur des airs populaires grecs  vln,pno1907 Suite
11Trio sonata  flu,cla,pno1907 Sonata
12:1In memoriam (R. Vallery-Radot)  voc,vln,cel,pno1908 16:30Song
12:2Musiques12 songs on texts by Launay "Crépuscules et nocturnes" voc,pno1908 29:30Song cycle
133 odelettes anacréontiqueson texts by R. Belleau and P. de Ronsard voc,flu,pno1911 7:30Song cycle
143 pieces for organ and harmonium1882-1911 org1882  
1530 chansons bourguignonnes du pays de Beauneafter popular songs by C. Bigarne, A. Bourgeois & C. Masson voc,pno1913 Song cycle
16Prométhée enchaîné   1918 Opera
18Symphony no. 1 in A major A+orc1919 Symphony
19Sonatina no. 3  pno1920 Sonatina
20Sonatina no. 4 "sur des modes hindous"  pno1920 Sonatina
21Salamine   1921 Opera
22Sonatina no. 5 "alla francese"  pno1925 Sonatina
23Sonatina no. 6  pno1925 Sonatina
24Vocalise  alt,bar,cla1926 2:30Song
25Symphony no. 2 in A major "Bretonne" A+orc1930 Symphony
26Suite française  orc1934 Suite
272 Popular songs2 chansons populaires voc,pno1935 Song
28Amphitryon   1936  
29Sonata in B flat major  crn/flg,pno1936 Sonata
30Le poème du Rhône     Symphonic poem



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