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Worklist for George Enescu

Also: Georges Enescu.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
42 works
1Romanian Poem for Orchestra   1897 Symphonic suite
2Violin sonata no. 1 in D major D+vln,pno1897 Violin Sonata
3Suite in ancient style  pno1897 34:30Suite
43 melodies for grave voices and piano  voc0,pno1897 Song cycle
4aBallade for violin and orchestra  vln,orc1896 Ballade
5Variations for 2 pianos   1899 Variations
6Violin Sonata no. 2 in F minor F-pno,vln1899 22:00Violin Sonata
7Octet for 4 violins, 2 altos et 2 celloOctuor  1900  
8Symphonie concertante for cello and orchestra  cel,orc1901  
9Orchestral Suite No.1 in C major   1903 Orchestral suite
10Piano suite No.1  pno1903 28:00Suite
11:1Romanian Rhapsody No.1 in A major A+ 1901 12:30 
11:2Romanian Rhapsody No.2 in D major D+ 1902  
12:1Intermezzo for string orchestra No.1 in D major D+sor1902  
12:2Intermezzo for string orchestra No.2 in G major  sor1903  
13Symphony No.1 in E flat major Eb+ 1905 Symphony
14DextetDixtuor flu2,eho,obo,cla2,bsn2,hor21906 21:00 
157 songs on Clement Marot   1908 Song cycle
16Quartet for piano, violin, viola and violoncello  pno,vln,vla,cel1911  
17Symphonie No.2 in A major   1913 Symphony
18Pièces impromptues  pno1916 13:30 
193 melodies on texts by Fernard Gregh   1916  
20Orchestral Suite No.2  orc1915 Orchestral suite
21Symphonie No.3 in C majorSecond version in 1921 orc1919 Symphony
22:1String quartet in E flat major Eb+vln2,vla,cel1912 String quartet
22:2String quartet in G major G+vln2,vla,cel1951 String quartet
23OedipOedipus  1923 Opera
24:1Piano sonata No.1 in F sharp minor F#- 1924 24:00Piano Sonata
24:2Piano sonata No.2 in E flat minor Eb- 1931 Piano Sonata
24:3Piano sonata No.3 in D major   1934 Piano Sonata
25Violin sonata no. 3 in Popular Romanian styleSonata no. 3 "Dans le charactère populaire roumain" = in Popular Romanian style.A-pno,vln1926 25:00Violin Sonata
26:1Cello Sonata no. 1 in F minor F-cel,pno1898 Cello sonata
26:2Cello Sonata no. 2 in C major C+pno,cel1935 Cello sonata
27Orchestral suite No.3 in D major "Villageoise"Villageoise = from the country  1938 Orchestral suite
28Impressions of childhood D+vln,pno1938  
29Piano quintet in A minor A-pno,vln2,vla,cel1940 29:00Piano quintet
30Piano quartet in D minor  pno,vln,vla,cel1944 Piano quartet
31Vox Maris  orc1951 Symphonic poem
32Concert overture on Popular Romanian themes A+ 1948 Overture
33Chamber symphony for 12 instruments   1954 Symphony
 Cantabile et Presto  flu,pno1904 6:00 
 Concert Piece for Viola and Piano  vla  9:00 



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