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Worklist for Manuel de Falla

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name cmt key instr year time genre
17 works
3 Obras Desconocidas for Piano  pno   
4 Piezas espanolas  pno  15:30 
7 canciones populares espanolesDe Falla made with the Polish violinist Pawel Kochaiski a transcription for violin and piano with 6 parts: that is Falla's Suite populaire Espanole    11:30Song cycle
Canción  pno1900 2:30 
Concerto for Piano and 5 Instruments     13:00 
El amor brujo   1915 27:00Ballet
El sombrero de tres picosThe Three-Cornered Hat orc  36:00 
Fantasia Baetica  pno  12:00Fantasy
Homenajes   1939  
La Vida BreveOpera after a libretto of Carlos Fernández Shaw. Composed in 1905; first performed in 1913. The instrumental parts (interlude and Spanish dance) are often performed separate.  1913 Opera
Mazurka in C minor C-pno1899 Mazurka
Nana  pno  2:15 
Nights in the Gardens of Spain     25:00 
Nocturno  pno  4:30Nocturne
Psyché     6:00 
Serenata andaluzaAndalusian Serenade pno1900 Serenade
Suite Populaire EspagnoleViolinist Paul Kochanski (1887-1934) worked with Falla to transcribe six of the songs of siete canciones populares españoles for violin and piano. He left the Seguidilla murciana out. pno,vln  Suite



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