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Worklist for Hans Gal

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name cmt key instr year time genre
109 works
1Von ewiger Freude  fvo0,org,har21912 Cantata
2Vom Baumlein, das andere Blatter hat gewollt  fvo0,orc1916 Song
3Serbische WeiserSerbian tunes pfh1916  
4Der Arzt der Sobeide   1918 Opera
5Fantasies  fvo0,cor1919 Song cycle
6Suite for Cello and Piano  cel,pno1919 Suite
73 Sketches for Piano  pno1910  
82 Songs op. 8  mvo01914  
9Variations on a Viennese 'Heurigen' Melody  pno31914 Variations
105 Intermezzi  stq1914  
10a4 MiniaturesVariation on op. 10  1914  
113 Songs op. 11  mvo0,pno/orc1910 Song
123 Songs op. 12  fvo0,pno1910 Song
13Piano Quartet   1914 Piano quartet
14Kinderverse  fvo01921 Song
15Die heilige Ente   1920 Opera
16String Quartet no. 1 in F minor  stq1916 String quartet
17Violin and Piano Sonata  vln,pno1920 Sonata
18Piano Trio   1923 Piano trio
19Motet   1924 Motet
20Overture to a Puppet Play   1923 Overture
212 Songs op. 21   1922 Song
22Divertimento for 8 winds  win81924 Divertimento
23Das Lied der Nacht   1924 Ballade
24Suite for Piano  pno  Suite
25Herbstlieder  fvo01925 Song cycle
26Requiem fur Mignon  voc0,orc1922 Requiem
27Epigramme   1926 Song
28Sonata for Piano  pno1927 Piano Sonata
29Toccata for organ   1928 Toccata
30Symphony no. 1 "Sinfonietta"   1927 Symphony
313 Songs op. 31  fvo0,pno1928 Song
325 Serious Songs  mvo01929 Song cycle
333 Songs, op.33  sop/bar,pno1928 Song
343 Portratsstudien  mvo0,pno1929 Song
35String Quartet no. 2  stq1929 String quartet
36Ballet suite "Scaramuccio"   1929 Ballet
373 Songs, op.37   1932 Song
38Der Zauberspiegel   1930 Opera
39Violin concerto   1932 Violin concerto
403 Idyllen  mvo0,pno1934 Song
41Serenade for string trio  str31931 Serenade
42Die beiden KlaasTranslated as Poor Claus in 1990 by A. Fox.  1932 Opera
43Cocertino for piano and strings  pno,str1934 Concertino
44Nachtmusik  cho1933 Song
45A Pickwickian Overture   1939 Overture
46Serenade for Strings  str1937 Serenade
47Stille Lieder (Summer Idylls)  fch1935 Song cycle
48LilliburleroImprovisations on a Martial Melody  1943  
49aLittle suite   1947 Suite
49bTrio   1949 Piano trio
50De profundis  voc0,cho,orc1936 Cantata
514 Madrigals (Elizabethan texts)   1939 Madrigal
52Concertino for violin and strings  vln,str1939 Concertino
53Symphony no. 2   1942 Symphony
55Concertino for organ and string  org,str1948 Concertino
56Suite for violin and piano  vln,pno1942 Suite
57Piano concerto   1948 Piano concerto
582 Sonatinas for Piano  pno  Sonatina
59aSonatina for 2 mandolins  man21952 Sonatina
59bSuite for 3 Mandolins  man31956 Suite
60bImprovisation, Variations and Finale on a Theme by Mozart     Variations
614 Partsongs   1953 Song cycle
62Symphony no. 3   1951 Symphony
632 Songs op. 63  mch1954 Song
643 Small Pieces for Piano  pno   
653 Preludes for Piano  pno  Prelude
67Cello concerto   1944 Cello concerto
68aSuite for recorder and violin  rec,vln1954 Suite
68b6 2-part Inventions for 2 recorders  rec21958  
68cDivertimento for 2 recorders and guitar  rec2,gui1958 Divertimento
69Meanders   1954 Suite
70Lebenskreise  voc4,cho,orc1955 Song cycle
713 Sonatinas for violin and piano  vln,pno1956 Sonatina
75Songs of Youth  fch1959 Song cycle
76A Clarion Call  fch1959 Song
77Of a Summer Day  fvo0,str1952 Song
78Quartettino  rec41960  
79Idyllikon   1958 Suite
80Divertimento for mandolin and harp or piano  man,har/pno1961 Divertimento
82Concertino for Recorder and Strings  rec,str1961 Concertino
8324 Preludes for Piano  pno1960 Prelude
84Sonata for cello and piano op. 84  cel,pno1954 Cello sonata
85Sonata for Oboe and Piano  obo,pno1965 Sonata
86Sinfonietta No. 2 in E minor for Plucked Orchestra E-orc  Sinfonietta
87Concertino for cello and strings   1966 Concertino
88Trio Serenade  rec/flu,vln,cel1967 Serenade
89Sonata for cello and piano op. 89  cel,pno1953 Cello sonata
90:1Divertimento for bassoon and cello   1958 Divertimento
90:2Divertimento for violin and cello  vln,cel1968 Divertimento
90:3Divertimento for violin and viola  vln,vla1969 Divertimento
91Spattlese  mch1970 Song
92Huyton Suite  flu,vln21940 Suite
93Serenade for clarinet, violin and cello  cla,vln,cel1935 Serenade
94Trio for oboe, violin and viola  obo,vln,vla1941  
95String Quartet no. 3  stq1969 String quartet
96Sonata for 2 violins and piano  vln2,pno1941 Violin Sonata
97Trio for cello, violin and piano  cel,pno,vln1950 21:00 
98String Quartet no. 4 in B flat major  stq1971 String quartet
100Triptych   1970  
101Soanat for viola and piano  vla,pno1941 Sonata
102aSuite for viola and orchestra  vla,orc1949 Suite
102bSuite for alto sax and orchestra  sax,orc1949 16:30Suite
103Symphony no. 4 "sinfonia concertante"  orc1973 Symphony
10824 Fugues for Piano  pno  Fugue
 6 Folksongs  mch1930 Song
 Capriccio  man  4:00 
 Tunes from Old Vienna  pno1934  
 What a life!Music to the bilingual internment camp revue, Douglas, Isle of Man    Musical



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