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Worklist for Orlando Gibbons

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name cmt key instr year time genre
43 works
A Royal Pavan     Pavan
Ah! Dear Heart      
Almighty and Everlasting God     2:45Hymn
Behold Thou Hast Made My Days      
Blessed are all They That Fear the Lord      
Dainty Fine Bird      
Drop, Drop, Slow Tears     2:00 
Fantasia     Fantasy
Glorious and Powerful God      
Great King of Gods      
Hosanna to the Son of David     2:45Hymn
I am the resurrection     Song
If Ye Be Risen Again With Christ      
Lift up your heads     Song
Lincoln's Inn Mask     Song
Long live fair Oriana     Song
Lord, we beseech thee, pour thy grace     Hymn
Magnificat     Magnificat
Nunc dimittis     Hymn
O all true faithful hearts     Hymn
O Clap Your Hands      
O God, the King Of Glory     Hymn
O Lord, how do my woes increase     Hymn
O Lord, I lift my heart to thee     Hymn
O Lord, in Thy Wrath Rebuke Me Not     Hymn
O thou, the central orb     Hymn
Out of the deep     5:30Hymn
Sing Unto the Lord      
The Fairest Nymph     Hymn
The hunt's up     Hymn
The Italian Ground     Hymn
The King's jewel     Hymn
The Lord of Salisbury his PavanPavan and Galliard    4:00Pavan
The queen's command     Hymn
The secret sins     Hymn
The Silver Swan     2:30Choir
The Woods So Wild     Hymn
This is the record of John     Hymn
Thou God of Wisdom     Hymn
Thus angels sung     Hymn
We praise Thee, O Father     Hymn
What is Our Life?     Hymn
Whoop, do me no harm, good man     Song



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