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Worklist for Leopold Godowsky

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name cmt key instr year time genre
27 works
113 Concert studies   1899 Etude
123 Pieces op. 12  pno   
13Toccata in G-flat majorPerpetual Motion  1899 Toccata
143 Pieces op. 14  pno   
153 Pieces op. 15   1899  
164 Pieces op. 16  pno1899  
 12 Impressions for piano  pno1916  
 2 Waltz poems  pno  5:00Waltz
 4 Poems  pno   
 5 Miniatures  pno  Miniature
 Airs of the Eighteenth Century  pno   
 Badinage (Chopin etudes 10:5 and 25:9)Study 47: the etudes Op. 10 No. 5 and Op. 25 No. 9 combined.Gb+pno  1:30Etude
 Cradle Song (Brahms Op. 49, No. 4)Wiegenlied pno   
 Studies on Chopin's Études     46:00Etude
 Invitation to the Dance (Weber op. 65)  pno1905 10:30 
 Moment Musical in F minor Op. 94-3 (Schubert)  pno1922 2:00 
 Phonoramas Java Suite  pno1925  
 Renaissance  pno   
 Sonata in E minor   1911 Piano Sonata
 Symphonis Metamorphosis on "Kunstlerleben"Kunstlerleben = Artist's Life. By Johann Strauss.     
 Symphonic metamorphoses of themes from "Schatz-Walzer"      
 Symphonic metamorphoses of "Ständchen" (Strauss)      
 Symphonic Metamorphosis of Die Fledermaus     8:00 
 Symphonic Metamorphosis of Wein, Weib und Gesang      
 Tango in D, Op. 165 no. 2 (Albeniz)  pno1921 3:00Tango
 Triakontameron30 Moods and Scenes in Triple Measure pno1919  
 Twilight ThoughtsSuite des Morceaux pour Piano pno1880 Suite



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