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Worklist for Georg Goltermann

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name cmt key instr year time genre
16 works
14Concerto No. 1 in a minor A-   Concerto
30Concerto No. 2 in d minor D-cel,pno  Concerto
413 Characteristic pieces for viola and piano  vla,pno   
43Overtures for cello     Overture
494 Solos for cello with piano accompaniment  cel,pno   
51Concerto No. 3 in b minor B-cel,pno  Concerto
534 morceaux caractéristiques  cel4   
612 Sonatinas for piano and violin  pno,vln  Sonatina
65Concerto No. 4 in G major G+cel,pno  Concerto
76Concerto No. 5 in d minor D-cel,pno  Concerto
100Concerto No. 6 in D major  cel,pno  Concerto
1024 Morceaux de Solon  cel,pno   
103Concerto No. 7 in C major  cel,pno  Concerto
114Sonatina for cello and piano in 3 parts  cel,pno  Sonatina
119Romance & Serenade  cel4  Romance
130Concerto No. 8 in A major  cel,pno  Concerto



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