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Worklist for Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

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name cmt key instr year time genre
7 works
19b3 pieces in old stylePolish title: Trzy utwory w dawnym stylu.
Gorecki didn't give this work an opus number, because he thought it insignificant. It became one of his best known works. I made a number up that fits in the chronological order.
This work is often
  1963 8:00String orchestra
21Refrain for orchestraRefren orc1965 16:00 
24Old Polish MusicMuzyka staropolska  1969 23:00 
27Canticuum graduum for orchestra  orc1969 12:00 
343 DancesTrzy tance orc1973 12:00Dances
40Concerto for Piano and Orchestra   1980 Piano concerto
65Concerto-Cantata for flute and orchestra  flu,orc1992 22:00Flute concerto



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