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Worklist for Louis Théodore Gouvy

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name cmt key instr year time genre
21 works
7Iphigénie en Tauride     Opera
12Symphony No. 2 in F major     Symphony
18Trio for Piano and Strings no 2      
19Trio for Piano and Strings no 3      
20Symphony no 3 in C major     Symphony
216 Songs after Moritz Hartmann     Song
24Quintet for Piano and Strings     Piano quintet
30Symphony no 5 in B flat major     Symphony
36Sonata for Piano 4 hands in D minor     Piano Sonata
4518 Songs and Sonnets by Desportes     Song
48La pléiade française      
49Sonata for Piano 4 hands in C minor     Piano Sonata
51Sonata for Piano 4 hands in F major     Piano Sonata
55Quintet in G major      
596 Morceaux for Piano 4 hands  p4h   
68String Quartet     String quartet
70Requiem     Requiem
71Octet for Winds  win   
89Paraphrases symphoniques  orc   
90Petite Suite gauloise     13:30 



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