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Worklist for Jester Hairston

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name cmt key instr year time genre
59 works
Amen     Spiritual
Angels Rolled De Stone Away     Spiritual
Angels Rolled the Stone Away     Spiritual
Aurore Pradere     Spiritual
Band of Angels     Spiritual
Brother Rabbit     Spiritual
Christmas Gift     Spiritual
Christmas In De Tropics     Spiritual
Crucifixion     Spiritual
Dat Ol' House is Ha'ntedThat Old House is H'anted    Spiritual
Deep River     Spiritual
Dis Ol' Hammer     Spiritual
Dis Train     Spiritual
Don't Be Weary, Traveler     Spiritual
Elijah Rock     3:00Spiritual
Free At Last     Spiritual
Give Me Jesus     Spiritual
Go Down in De Lonesome Valley     Spiritual
Go Tell It On The Mountain     Spiritual
Goin' Down That Lonesome Road     Spiritual
Great God A'Mighty     Spiritual
Hand Me Down     Spiritual
Hold on     Spiritual
Hold On!     Spiritual
Home In Dat Rock     Spiritual
I Can Tell de World     Spiritual
I Heard From Heaven Today     Spiritual
I Want Jesus     Spiritual
In Dat Great Gettin' Up Mornin'     Spiritual
It's All Over Me     Spiritual
Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho     Spiritual
Lay Yo' Head in the Winda' Jesus     Spiritual
Let The Church Roll On     Spiritual
Live a-humble     Song
Live-A Humble     Spiritual
Live-A-Humble     Spiritual
Lord I Don't Feel Noways Tired     Spiritual
Mary, Mary, Where Is Your Baby?     Spiritual
Mary's Little Boy Child     Song
My Lord's A-Writin' All De Time     Spiritual
Nobody Knows De Trouble I See, Lord     Spiritual
Oh My Lovin' Brother     Spiritual
Oh, Rocka My Soul     Spiritual
Our Troubles Was Hard     Spiritual
Poor Man LazarusPo' Ol' Lazrus    Spiritual
Ring De Christmas Bells     Spiritual
Rise Up, Shepherd, And Foller     Spiritual
Sandy Anna     Song
Sanguree     Song
Somebody's Knocking At Your Door     Spiritual
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child     Spiritual
Sometimes I Feel Like...     Spiritual
Steal Away     Spiritual
Sweet Potatoes     Song
Wasn't That A Mighty Day?     Spiritual
What Kind O' Shoes You Gonna Wear?     Spiritual
Who'll Be A Witness For My Lord?     Spiritual
Who'll Be a Witness...     Spiritual
You Better Mind     Spiritual



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