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Worklist for Franz Joseph Haydn

FHE = first Haydn edition.

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H Opus FHE
name cmt key instr year time genre
503 works
1:1  Symphony no. 1 D+ 1759 13:00Symphony
1:10  Symphony no. 10 D+ 1763 16:30Symphony
1:100  Symphony no. 100 "Military" G+ 1794 24:30Symphony
1:101  Symphony no. 101 "Clock"L'HorlogeD+ 1794 30:00Symphony
1:102  Symphony no. 102 "Miracle" Bb+ 1794 26:30Symphony
1:103  Symphony no. 103 "Drum-roll"   1791 30:00Symphony
1:104  Symphony no. 104 "london" D+ 1795 29:30Symphony
1:105  Sinfonia Concertante Bb+ 1792 21:30Symphony
1:107  Symphony "A" Bb+ 1762 12:30Symphony
1:108  Symphony "B" Bb+ 1765 11:30Symphony
1:11  Symphony no. 11 Eb+ 1763 22:30Symphony
1:12  Symphony no. 12 E+ 1763 18:30Symphony
1:13  Symphony no. 13 D+ 1763 18:30Symphony
1:14  Symphony no. 14 A+ 1764 14:30Symphony
1:15  Symphony no. 15 D+ 1764 19:30Symphony
1:16  Symphony no. 16 Bb+ 1766 12:30Symphony
1:17  Symphony no. 17 F+ 1764 14:30Symphony
1:18  Symphony no. 18 G+ 1764 14:00Symphony
1:19  Symphony no. 19 D+ 1764 11:00Symphony
1:2  Symphony no. 2 C+ 1760 9:30Symphony
1:20  Symphony no. 20 C+ 1764 14:30Symphony
1:21  Symphony no. 21 A+ 1764 16:00Symphony
1:22  Symphony no. 22 "Der Philosoph"Der Philosoph = the philospher.Eb+ 1764 16:30Symphony
1:23  Symphony no. 23Der Philosoph = the philospher.G+ 1764 16:30Symphony
1:24  Symphony no. 24 D+ 1764 19:00Symphony
1:25  Symphony no. 25 C+ 1765 14:00Symphony
1:26  Symphony no. 26 "Lamentatione" D- 1765 13:30Symphony
1:27  Symphony no. 27 G+ 1765 13:30Symphony
1:28  Symphony no. 28 A+ 1765 17:30Symphony
1:29  Symphony no. 29 E+ 1765 18:00Symphony
1:3  Symphony no. 3 G+ 1762 17:30Symphony
1:30  Symphony no. 30 "Alleluja" C+ 1765 13:30Symphony
1:31  Symphony no. 31 "mit dem Hornsignal" D+ 1765 25:30Symphony
1:32  Symphony no. 32 C+ 1766 14:30Symphony
1:33  Symphony no. 33 C+ 1767 16:00Symphony
1:34  Symphony no. 34 D- 1766 17:00Symphony
1:35  Symphony no. 35 Bb+ 1767 15:30Symphony
1:36  Symphony no. 36 Eb+ 1765 16:00Symphony
1:37  Symphony no. 37 C+ 1765 13:30Symphony
1:38  Symphony no. 38 "Echo" C+ 1766 16:00Symphony
1:39  Symphony no. 39 G- 1770 17:00Symphony
1:4  Symphony no. 4 D+ 1762 17:30Symphony
1:40  Symphony no. 40 F+ 1763 18:00Symphony
1:41  Symphony no. 41 C+ 1771 19:00Symphony
1:42  Symphony no. 42 D+ 1771 26:00Symphony
1:43  Symphony no. 43 "Merkur"Merkur = mercury.Eb+ 1772 24:00Symphony
1:44  Symphony no. 44 "Trauersymphonie"Trauer = mourning.E- 1772 23:30Symphony
1:45  Symphony no. 45 "Abschiedssymphonie"Abschied = farewell.F#- 1772 26:30Symphony
1:46  Symphony no. 46 B+ 1772 17:00Symphony
1:47  Symphony no. 47 "The palindrome" G+ 1772 19:30Symphony
1:48  Symphony no. 48 "Maria Theresia" C+ 1773 27:00Symphony
1:49  Symphony no. 49 "La Passione" F- 1768 22:30Symphony
1:5  Symphony no. 5 A+ 1762 19:00Symphony
1:50  Symphony no. 50 C+ 1773 18:00Symphony
1:51  Symphony no. 51 Bb+ 1774 19:30Symphony
1:52  Symphony no. 52 C- 1774 21:30Symphony
1:53  Symphony no. 53 "L'impériale" D+ 1775 21:30Symphony
1:54  Symphony no. 54 G+ 1774 25:00Symphony
1:55  Symphony no. 55 "Der Schulmeister"Der Schulmeister = Le maitre d'ecole = the schoolmaster.Eb+ 1774 20:30Symphony
1:56  Symphony no. 56 C+ 1774 24:00Symphony
1:57  Symphony no. 57 D+ 1774 23:30Symphony
1:58  Symphony no. 58 F+ 1766 16:30Symphony
1:59  Symphony no. 59 "Feuersymphonie"Feuer = fire.A+ 1769 17:30Symphony
1:6  Symphony no. 6 "le matin"le matin = the morning.D+ 1761 23:00Symphony
1:60  Symphony no. 60 "Il distratto" C+ 1775 24:30Symphony
1:61  Symphony no. 61 D+ 1776 20:30Symphony
1:62  Symphony no. 62 D+ 1780 20:30Symphony
1:63  Symphony no. 63 "La Roxelane" C+ 1777 19:30Symphony
1:64  Symphony no. 64 "Tempora Mutantur" A+ 1775 18:30Symphony
1:65  Symphony no. 65 A+ 1774 17:00Symphony
1:66  Symphony no. 66 Bb+ 1779 21:30Symphony
1:67  Symphony no. 67 F+ 1779 28:00Symphony
1:68  Symphony no. 68 Bb+ 1779 22:30Symphony
1:69  Symphony no. 69 "Laudon" C+ 1779 20:30Symphony
1:7  Symphony no. 7 "le midi"le midi = the afternoon.C+ 1761 25:00Symphony
1:70  Symphony no. 70 D+ 1779 17:00Symphony
1:71  Symphony no. 71 Bb+ 1780 22:30Symphony
1:72  Symphony no. 72 D+   18:30Symphony
1:73  Symphony no. 73 "La chasse" D+ 1781 19:00Symphony
1:74  Symphony no. 74 Eb+ 1781 19:00Symphony
1:75  Symphony no. 75 D+ 1781 20:00Symphony
1:76  Symphony no. 76 Eb+ 1782 20:30Symphony
1:77  Symphony no. 77 Bb+ 1782 18:00Symphony
1:78  Symphony no. 78 C- 1782 20:00Symphony
1:79  Symphony no. 79 F+ 1784 20:30Symphony
1:8  Symphony no. 8 "le soir"le soir = the eveningG+ 1761 21:30Symphony
1:80  Symphony no. 80 D- 1784 22:30Symphony
1:81  Symphony no. 81 G+ 1784 22:00Symphony
1:82  Symphony no. 82 "L'ours"L'ours = the bear.C+ 1786 25:30Symphony
1:83  Symphony no. 83 "La poule"La poule = the hen.G- 1785 25:00Symphony
1:84  Symphony no. 84 "In nomine Domini" Eb+ 1786 23:00Symphony
1:85  Symphony no. 85 "La Reine"La Reine = the queen of France.Bb+ 1786 24:00Symphony
1:86  Symphony no. 86 D+ 1786 27:00Symphony
1:87  Symphony no. 87 "Paris" A+ 1785 22:00Symphony
1:88  Symphony no. 88 G+ 1787 22:00Symphony
1:89  Symphony no. 89 F+ 1787 21:30Symphony
1:9  Symphony no. 9 C+ 1762 11:00Symphony
1:90  Symphony no. 90 C+ 1788 26:30Symphony
1:91  Symphony no. 91 Eb+ 1788 26:00Symphony
1:92  Symphony no. 92 "Oxford" G+ 1788 27:00Symphony
1:93  Symphony no. 93 D+ 1791 23:30Symphony
1:94  Symphony no. 94 "Surprise" G+ 1791 24:00Symphony
1:95  Symphony no. 95 C- 1791 21:30Symphony
1:96  Symphony no. 96 "The miracle" D+ 1791 23:00Symphony
1:97  Symphony no. 97 C+ 1792 26:00Symphony
1:98  Symphony no. 98 Bb+ 1792 30:00Symphony
1:99  Symphony no. 99 Eb+ 1793 27:30Symphony
3:1 1:1 52String quartet in B flat major H3:1La chasseBb+   17:00String quartet
3:10 2:4 61String quartet in F major H3:10 F+   18:30String quartet
3:11 2:5 62String quartet in D majpr H3:11 D+   String quartet
3:12  63String quartet in B flat major H3:12 Bb+   18:30String quartet
3:13 3:1 64String quartet in E major H3:13Spurious, now commonly attributed to Romanus Hoffstetter.E+   String quartet
3:14 3:2 65String quartet in C major H3:14Spurious, now commonly attributed to Romanus Hoffstetter.C+   String quartet
3:15 3:3 66String quartet in G major H3:15Spurious, now commonly attributed to Romanus Hoffstetter.G+   String quartet
3:16 3:4 67String quartet in B flat major H3:16Spurious, now commonly attributed to Romanus Hoffstetter.Bb+   String quartet
3:17 3:5 String quartet no. 5 in F majorThe second movement (andante cantabile) is famous as the Haydn's Little Serenade. It is now supposed that this work (and the remainder of opus 3) was written by Roman Hofstetter.F+ 1777 15:00String quartet
3:18 3:6 69String quartet in A major H3:18Spurious, now commonly attributed to Romanus Hoffstetter.A+   String quartet
3:19 9:1 7String quartet in C major H3:19 C+ 1771 20:30String quartet
3:2 1:2 53String quartet in E flat major H3:2 Eb+   18:00String quartet
3:20 9:2 8String quartet in E flat major H3:20 Eb+ 1771 String quartet
3:21 9:3 9String quartet in G major H3:21 G+ 1771 15:00String quartet
3:22 9:4 16String quartet in D minor H3:22 D- 1771 22:30String quartet
3:23 9:5 17String quartet in B flat major H3:23 Bb+ 1771 19:00String quartet
3:24 9:6 18String quartet in A major H3:24 A+ 1771 14:30String quartet
3:25 17:1 1String quartet in E major H3:25 E+ 1771 20:00String quartet
3:26 17:2 2String quartet in F major H3:26 F+ 1771 20:00String quartet
3:27 17:3 3String quartet in E flat major H3:27 Eb+ 1771 19:00String quartet
3:28 17:4 4String quartet in C minor H3:28 C- 1771 21:00String quartet
3:29 17:5 5String quartet in G major H3:29 G+ 1771 18:00String quartet
3:3 1:3 54String quartet in D major H3:3     15:30String quartet
3:30 17:6 6String quartet in D major H3:30 D+ 1771 18:30String quartet
3:31 20:1 43String quartet in E flat major H3:31 Eb+ 1772 18:00String quartet
3:32 20:2 44String quartet in C major H3:32   1772 20:30String quartet
3:33 20:3 45String quartet in G minor H3:33 G- 1772 23:00String quartet
3:34 20:4 46String quartet in D major H3:34 D+ 1772 26:30String quartet
3:35 20:5 47String quartet in F minor H3:35 F- 1772 21:00String quartet
3:36 20:6 48String quartet in A major H3:36 A+ 1781 19:00String quartet
3:37 33:1 70String quartet in B minor H3:37 B- 1781 19:00String quartet
3:38 33:2 71String quartet In E flat major "The joke" Eb+ 1781 16:30String quartet
3:39 33:3 72String quartet in C major "The bird" C+ 1781 19:00String quartet
3:4 1:4 55String quartet in G major H3:4 G+   19:30String quartet
3:40 33:4 73String quartet in B flat major Bb+ 1781 15:30String quartet
3:41 33:5 74String quartet in G major G+ 1781 19:00String quartet
3:42 33:6 75String quartet in D major D+ 1781 18:30String quartet
3:43 42 15String quartet in D minor H3:43 D- 1785 13:00String quartet
3:44 50:1 44String quartet in B flat major H3:44 Bb+   22:30String quartet
3:45 50:2 45String quartet in C major H3:45 C+   19:30String quartet
3:46 50:3 46String quartet in E flat major H3:46 Eb+   20:30String quartet
3:47 50:4 47String quartet in F sharp minor H3:47 F#-   19:30String quartet
3:48 50:5 48String quartet in F major H3:48 "The Dream" F+   17:00String quartet
3:49 50:6 49String quartet in D major H3:49 "The Frog" D+   23:00String quartet
3:5 1:5 56String quartet in E flat major H3:5     String quartet
3:57 54:2 20String quartet in C major H3:57 C+   19:30String quartet
3:58 54:1 19String quartet in G major H3:58 G+   18:30String quartet
3:59 54:3 21String quartet in E major H3:59 E+   23:00String quartet
3:6 1:6 57String quartet in C major H3:6 C+   16:00String quartet
3:60 55:1 22String quartet in A major H3:60 A+ 1788 17:30String quartet
3:61 55:2 23String quartet in F minor "Razor" F- 1788 26:00String quartet
3:62 55:3 24String quartet in B flat major H3:62 Bb+ 1788 19:00String quartet
3:63 64:5 36String quartet in D major "The Lark" D+   18:30String quartet
3:64 64:6 35String quartet in E flat major H3:64 Eb+   17:30String quartet
3:65 64:1 31String quartet in C major H3:65 C+   20:30String quartet
3:66 64:4 34String quartet in G major H3:66 G+   16:30String quartet
3:67 64:3 33String quartet in B flat major H3:67 Bb+   24:00String quartet
3:68 64:2 32String quartet in B minor H3:68 B-   17:30String quartet
3:69 71:1 String Quartet in B flat major op.71/1 Bb+ 1793 23:30String quartet
3:7 2:1 58String quartet in A major H3:7 A+   17:00String quartet
3:70 71:2 String Quartet in D major op.71/2 D+ 1793 17:30String quartet
3:71 71:3 String Quartet in E flat major op.71/3 Eb+ 1793 23:00String quartet
3:72 74:1 String Quartet in C major op.74/1 C+ 1793 24:30String quartet
3:73 74:2 String Quartet in F major op.74/2 F+ 1793 22:30String quartet
3:74 74:3 String Quartet in G minor op.74/3The Rider.G- 1793 22:00String quartet
3:75 76:1 String Quartet in G major op.76/1 G+ 1797 23:30String quartet
3:76 76:2 String Quartet in D minor op.76/2FifthsD- 1797 21:30String quartet
3:77 76:3 String Quartet in D major op.76/3 D+ 1797 27:00String quartet
3:78 76:4 String Quartet in B flat major op.76/4 Bb+ 1797 22:00String quartet
3:79 76:5 String Quartet in D major op.76/5 D+ 1797 19:30String quartet
3:8 2:2 59String quartet in E major H3:8 E+   19:00String quartet
3:80 76:6 String Quartet in E flat major op.76/6 Eb+ 1797 23:00String quartet
3:81 77:1 String Quartet in G major op.77/1 G+ 1799 26:00String quartet
3:82 77:2 String Quartet in F major op.77/2 F+ 1799 26:00String quartet
3:83 103 String Quartet in D minor op.103UnfinishedD- 1803 11:00String quartet
3:9 2:3 60String quartet in E flat major H3:9spuriousEb+   String quartet
4:1  London Trio no.1 in C major C+flu2,cel1794 Divertimento
4:2  London Trio no.2 in G major G+flu2,cel1794 Divertimento
4:3  London Trio no.3 in G major G+flu2,cel1794 Divertimento
4:4  London Trio no.4 in G major G+flu2,cel1794 Divertimento
6:1  Duo for Violin and Viola no 1 in F major F+vla,vln1777  
6:2  Duo for Violin and Viola no 2 in A major A+vla,vln1777  
6:3  Duo for Violin and Viola no 3 in B flat major Bb+vla,vln1777  
6:4  Duo for Violin and Viola no 4 in D major D+vla,vln1777  
6:5  Duo for Violin and Viola no 5 in E flat major Eb+vla,vln1777  
6:6  Duo for Violin and Viola no 6 in C major C+vla,vln1777  
6:A1  Duo in A major H6:A1For 2 violins vln   
6:A2  Duo in A major H6:A2For 2 violins vln   
6:B1  Duo in B flat major H6:B1For 2 violins vln   
6:C1  Duo in C major H6:C1 C+vla,vln   
6:C2  Duo in C major H6:C2For 2 violinsC+vln   
6:C3  Duo in C major H6:C3For 2 violinsC+vla,vln   
6:C4  Duo in C major H6:C4 C+cel,vln   
6:D1  Duo in D major H6:D1  cel,vln   
6:D2  Duo in D major H6:D2for 2 violins vln   
6:D3  Duo in D major H6:D3  vla,vln   
6:D4  Duo in D major H6:D4for 2 violins vln   
6:E1  Duo in E major H6:E1  vla,vln   
6:Es1  Duo in E flat major H6:Es1For 2 violins vln   
6:F1  Duo in F major H6:F1For 2 violins vla,vln   
6:F2  Duo in F major H6:F2  vla,vln   
6:F3  Duo in F major H6:F3For 2 violins vln   
6:G1  Duo in G major H6:G1For 2 violins vln   
6:G2  Duo in G major H6:G2For violin and bass vln   
6:G3  Duo in G major H6:G3For 2 violins vln   
6:G4  Duo in G major H6:G4For 2 violins vln   
7a:1  Violin concerto no. 1 in C major C+ 1765 20:30Violin concerto
7a:2  Violin concerto no. 2 in F major F+ 1765 20:30Violin concerto
7a:3  Violin concerto no. 3 in A major A+ 1770 26:30Violin concerto
7a:4  Violin concerto no. 4 in G major G+ 1769 20:30Violin concerto
7b:1  Cello concerto no. 1 in C major C+ 1780 28:00Cello concerto
7b:2  Cello concerto no. 2 in D major D+ 1783 25:30Cello concerto
7b:4  Cello concerto no. 4 in D majorFor cello and strings (2 violins, alto and basse). Composed by G.B. Costanzi?    Cello concerto
7d:3  Horn Concerto no. 1 in D major   1762 Concerto
7d:6  Concerto for 2 Horns in E-flat Major     Concerto
7e:1  Trumpet Concerto Eb 1796 15:00Concerto
9:1  12 Minuets  vln2,obo1760 Dances
9:10  12 German dances for piano  pno1793 Dances
9:12  12 German dances "pour la salle Redoute de Vienne"  cha1792 Dances
9:22  10 Menuets for piano     Dances
9:28  8 Hongroises for piano     Dances
9:29  5 Contradances and quadrille  pno  Dances
9:30  English dance in B flat major  pno  Dances
9:4  12 Minuets "Minuetti da ballo"   1766 Dances
9:7  14 Minuets "Menuetti ballabili"   1784 Dances
9:8  12 Minuets for harpsichord or piano   1785 Dances
9:9  6 Allemandes   1878 Dances
14:1  Divertimento in e Flat major H14:1   1776 Divertimento
14:10  Divertimento in C major H14:10   1764 Divertimento
14:11  Divertimento in C major H14:11Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings in C  1760 7:00Divertimento
14:12  Divertimento in C major H14:12Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings in C  1766 11:30Divertimento
14:13  Divertimento in G major H14:13   1767 9:00Divertimento
14:2  Divertimento in F major H14:2   1769 Divertimento
14:3  Divertimento in C major H14:3Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings in C  1767 4:30Divertimento
14:4  Divertimento in C major H14:4   1764 9:00Divertimento
14:5  Divertimento in D major H14:5   1766 Divertimento
14:6  Divertimento in G major H14:6   1767 Divertimento
14:7  Divertimento in C major H14:7   1766 6:15Divertimento
14:8  Divertimento in C major H14:8   1766 9:30Divertimento
14:9  Divertimento in F major H14:9   1766 6:00Divertimento
14:C1  Divertimento in C major H14:C1     Divertimento
14:C2  Divertimento in C major H14:C2   1767 Divertimento
14:C3  Divertimento in C major H14:C3     Divertimento
14:Es1  Divertimento in E flat major H14:Es1     Divertimento
14:F1  Divertimento in F major H14:F1     Divertimento
14:F2  Divertimento in F major H14:F2Concertino for Harpsichord and Strings in F    10:30Divertimento
14:G1  Divertimento in G major H14:G1   1774 Divertimento
15:1  Partita in G minor   1766 12:30Divertimento
15:10 44:3 Sonata in E flat major H15:10for piano, violin and violincelloEb+ 1785 9:30Sonata
15:11 57:1 Sonata in E flat major H15:11for piano, violin and violincello  1789 13:30Sonata
15:12 57:2 Sonata in E minor H15:12for piano, violin and violincelloE- 1789 17:00Sonata
15:13 57:3 Sonata in C minor and major H15:13for piano, violin and violincelloC+ 1789 18:00Sonata
15:14 68 Sonata in A flat major H15:14for piano, violin and violincelloAb+ 1790 21:30Sonata
15:15 67:1 Trio in G major H15:15for piano, flute and violincello cel,flu,pno1790 18:00 
15:16 67:2 Trio in D major H15:16for piano, flute and violincelloD+ 1790 17:00Sonata
15:17 73 Trio in F major H15:17for piano, flute and violincello  1790 13:00Sonata
15:18 78:1 Sonata in A major H15:18for piano, violin and violincelloA+ 1794 16:00Sonata
15:19 78:2 Sonata in G minor H15:19for piano, violin and violincelloG- 1794 15:00Sonata
15:2  Sonata in F majorArrangement of H 14:2  1769 13:00Sonata
15:20 78:3 Sonata in B flat major H15:20for piano, violin and violincelloBb+ 1790 14:00Sonata
15:21 79:1 Sonata in C major H15:21for piano, violin and violincelloC+ 1794 12:00Sonata
15:22 79:2 Sonata in E flat major H15:22for piano, flute and violincelloEb+ 1794 20:00Sonata
15:23 79:3 Sonata in D minor H15:23for piano, flute and violincelloD- 1794 20:00Sonata
15:24 82:1 Sonata in D major H15:24for piano, violin and violincelloD+ 1795 13:30Sonata
15:25 82:2 Piano trio in G major H15:25for piano, violin and violincelloG+ 1795 15:00Sonata
15:26 82:3 Sonata in F sharp minor H15:26for piano, violin and violincelloF#- 1795 17:30Sonata
15:27 86:1 Sonata in C major H15:27for piano, violin and violincelloC+ 1797 19:30Sonata
15:28 86:2 Sonata in E majorfor piano, violin and violincello  1797 19:00Sonata
15:29 86:3 Sonata in E flat majorfor piano, violin and violincelloEb+ 1797 17:00Sonata
15:3 40:1 Sonata in C majorfor piano, violin and violincello  1784 Sonata
15:30 89 Sonata in E flat major H15:30for piano, violin and violincello  1795 17:30Sonata
15:31 53 Sonata in E flat major H15:31for piano, violin and violincelloEb+ 1795 13:00Sonata
15:32 75 Sonata in G major H15:32for piano, violin and violincelloG+ 1794 13:30Sonata
15:33  Divertimento in D major H15:33for piano, violin and violincelloD+ 1759 Divertimento
15:34  Partita in E major H15:34for piano, violin and violincello  1759 11:30Divertimento
15:35  Divertimento in A major H15:35for piano, violin and violincelloA+ 1759 12:30Capriccio
15:36  Partito in E flat major H15:36for piano, violin and violincelloEb+ 1760 11:00Sonata
15:37  Divertimento in F major H15:37 F+cel,pno,vln1766 15:00Divertimento
15:38  Divertimento in B flat major H15:38for piano, violin and violincello  1766 12:30Divertimento
15:39  Divertimento in F major H15:39for piano, violin and violincelloF+   11:00Divertimento
15:4 40:2 Sonata in F major Hob. 15:4for piano, violin and violincello  1784 Sonata
15:40  Divertimento in F major H15:40for piano, violin and violincelloF+ 1760 10:30Divertimento
15:41  Divertimento in G major H15:41for piano, violin and violincello  1767 16:30Divertimento
15:5 40:3 Sonata in G major H15:5for piano, violin and violincello  1784 16:00Sonata
15:6 43:1 Sonata in F major H15:6for piano, violin and violincelloF+ 1784 12:30Sonata
15:7 43:2 Sonata in D majorfor piano, violin and violincello    15:00Sonata
15:8 43:3 Sonata in B flat majorfor piano, violin and violincello  1785 13:00Sonata
15:9 44:1 Sonata in A major H15:9for piano, violin and violincello  1785 14:00Sonata
15:c1  Divertimento in C major H15:c1for piano, violin and bassC+   19:00Divertimento
15:c2  Grande Bataille in C majorfor piano, violin and violincello. Marche nocturne silencieuse.C+    
15:d1  Divertimento in D major H15:d1for piano, violin and bass.D+ 1795 Divertimento
15:f1  Partita in F minor H15:f1for piano, violin and bass. Allegro.F- 1795 12:30 
16:1  Piano Sonata No. 10 in C majorPartita (Divertimento) in C majorC+ 1760 9:00Piano Sonata
16:10  Piano Sonata No. 6 in C majorDivertimento in C majorC+ 1767 9:00Piano Sonata
16:11  Piano Sonata No. 5 in G majorDivertimento in G majorG+ 1767 8:30Piano Sonata
16:12  Piano Sonata No. 12 in A majorDivertimento in A majorA+ 1767 10:00Piano Sonata
16:13  Piano Sonata No. 15 in E majorParthia (Divertimento) in E major.E+ 1767 12:00Piano Sonata
16:14  Piano Sonata No. 16 in D majorParthia (Divertimento) in D major.D+ 1767 Piano Sonata
16:15  Sonata in C major H16:15adapted from H2:11.C+ 1785 Piano Sonata
16:16  Divertimento in E flat major H16:16 Eb+   7:00Piano Sonata
16:17  Sonata in B flat major H16:17 Bb+   9:00Piano Sonata
16:18  Sonata in B flat major H16:18 Bb+ 1767 Piano Sonata
16:19  Piano Sonata No. 30 in D majorDivertimento in D major H16:19D+ 1767 17:00Piano Sonata
16:2  Piano Sonata No. 11 in B flat majorPartita (Parthia) in B flat major.Bb+ 1760 14:30Piano Sonata
16:20  Piano Sonata No. 33 in C minorSonata in C minorC- 1771 19:00Piano Sonata
16:21  Piano Sonata No. 36 in C majorSonata in C majorC+ 1773 16:00Piano Sonata
16:22  Piano Sonata No. 37 in E majorSonata in E majorE+ 1773 15:30Piano Sonata
16:23  Piano Sonata No. 38 in F majorSonata in F majorF+ 1773 18:00Piano Sonata
16:24  Piano Sonata No. 39 in D majorSonata in D majorD+ 1773 12:00Piano Sonata
16:25  Piano Sonata No. 40 in E flat majorSonata in E flat majorEb+ 1773 8:30Piano Sonata
16:26  Piano Sonata No. 41 in A majorSonata in A majorA+ 1773 11:00Piano Sonata
16:27  Piano Sonata No. 42 in G majorSonata (Divertimento) in G majorG+ 1774 Piano Sonata
16:28  Piano Sonata No. 43 in E flat majorSonata (Divertimento) in E flat majorEb+ 1774 12:30Piano Sonata
16:29  Piano Sonata No. 44 in F majorSonata (Divertimento) in F majorF+ 1774 16:00Piano Sonata
16:3  Piano Sonata No. 14 in C majorDivertimento in C majorC+ 1760 Piano Sonata
16:30  Piano Sonata No. 45 in A majorSonata (Divertimento) in A majorA+ 1774 10:30Piano Sonata
16:31  Piano Sonata No. 46 in E majorSonata (Divertimento) in E majorE+ 1774 12:00Piano Sonata
16:32  Piano Sonata No. 47 in B minorSonata (Divertimento) in B minorB- 1774 14:30Piano Sonata
16:33  Piano Sonata No. 34 in D majorSonata in D majorD+ 1777 14:30Piano Sonata
16:34  Piano Sonata No. 53 in E minorSonata in E major H16:34E+ 1778 13:00Piano Sonata
16:35  Piano Sonata No. 48 in C majorSonata in C majorC+ 1780 11:00Piano Sonata
16:36  Piano Sonata No. 49 in C sharp minorSonata in C sharp minor.Cb- 1780 15:30Piano Sonata
16:37  Piano Sonata No. 50 in D majorSonata in D major H16:37D+ 1780 11:00Piano Sonata
16:38  Piano Sonata No. 51 in E flat majorSonata in E flat majorEb+ 1780 16:30Piano Sonata
16:39  Piano Sonata No. 52 in G majorSonata in G majorG+ 1780 17:00Piano Sonata
16:4  Piano Sonata No. 9 in D majorDivertimento in D major.D+ 1760 Piano Sonata
16:40  Piano Sonata No. 54 in G majorSonata in G majorG+ 1784 10:00Piano Sonata
16:41  Piano Sonata No. 55 in B flat majorSonata in B flat majorBb+ 1784 9:30Piano Sonata
16:42  Piano Sonata No. 56 in D majorSonata in D majorD+ 1784 12:30Piano Sonata
16:43  Piano Sonata No. 35 in A flat majorSonata in A flat majorAb+ 1783 13:00Piano Sonata
16:44  Piano Sonata No. 32 in G minorSonata in G minorG- 1765 15:00Piano Sonata
16:45  Piano Sonata No. 29 in E flat majorDivertimento in E flat majorEb+ 1765 15:00Piano Sonata
16:46  Piano Sonata No. 31 in A flat majorDivertimento in A flat majorAb+ 1765 24:30Piano Sonata
16:47  Piano Sonata No. 57 in F majorSonata in F majorF+ 1765 16:00Piano Sonata
16:48  Piano Sonata No. 58 in C majorSonata in C majorC+ 1789 14:30Piano Sonata
16:49  Piano Sonata No. 59 in E flat majorSonata in E flat majorEb+ 1789 20:00Piano Sonata
16:5  Piano Sonata No. 8 in A majorDivertimento in A majorA+ 1763 9:00Piano Sonata
16:50  Piano Sonata No. 60 in C major C+ 1794 17:00Sonata
16:51  Piano Sonata No. 61 in D majorSonata in D majorD+ 1794 6:00Piano Sonata
16:52  Piano Sonata No. 62 in E flat majorSonata in E flat majorEb+ 1794 24:00Piano Sonata
16:6  Piano Sonata No. 13 in G majorPartita (Divertimento) in G majorG+ 1766 14:00Piano Sonata
16:7  Piano Sonata No. 2 in C majorPartita (Parthia, Divertimento) in C major.C+ 1766 5:00Piano Sonata
16:8  Piano Sonata No. 1 in G majorParthia (Divertimento) in G majorG+ 1766 4:30Piano Sonata
16:9  Piano Sonata No. 3 in F majorDivertimento in F majorF+ 1766 6:00Piano Sonata
16:B1  Sonata in B major H16:B1 B+   Piano Sonata
16:C1  Sonata in C major H16:C1 C+   Piano Sonata
16:D1  Piano Sonata No. 7 in D majorSonata militare in D major. The conquest of Oczakow (composition of Kauer).D+   7:30Piano Sonata
16:Es1  Sonate (Terzetto) in E flat majorDie Belagerung Belgrads.Eb+   Piano Sonata
16:G1  Piano Sonata No. 4 in G majorDivertimento in G majorG+   8:30Piano Sonata
17:1 43 Capriccio in G majorAcht Sauschneider mussen seinG+pno1765 Capriccio
17:10  Allegretto in G major G+pno   
17:11  Andante in C major for piano C+pno  Andante
17:12  Andante with 4 variations in B flat major Bb+pno  Andante
17:2  Arietta with 12 variations in A major A+pno1771  
17:3  Arietta with 12 variations in E flat major Eb+pno1774  
17:4 58 Fantasia (capriccio) in C major for piano C+pno1789 Fantasy
17:5  6 piano variations in C major C+pno1790  
17:6 83 Andante con variazioni in F minorUn piccolo divertimento, 2 variations and coda.F-pno1793 16:00Piano Sonata
17:7  5 piano variations in D major D+pno1766  
17:8  8 piano variations in D major D+pno   
17:9 46:7 Adagio in F major for piano F+pno  6:30Adagio
17:A1  Variations in A major H17:A1  pno  Variations
17:A2  Theme with variations in A major for piano  pno   
17:A3  Variations in A major H17:A3  pno  Variations
17:C1  Mahlbarough in C major C+pno   
17:C2  Piece in C major for piano C+pno   
17:D1  Variations in D major for piano D+pno  Variations
17:F1  Minuet in F major for piano F+pno   
17:F2  Andante in F major for piano F+pno  Andante
17:F3  Die Bataille in F major for piano F+pno   
17:G1  Piece in G major for piano G+pno   
17:G2 65 Caprices in G major for pianoFantasy and variations.G+pno   
18:1  Organ concerto C+ 1756 23:30Piano concerto
18:10  Piano concerto in C major H. 18:10 C+ 1771 Piano concerto
18:11 21 Piano concerto in D major H. 18:11 D+ 1782 19:30Piano concerto
18:2  Piano Concerto in D major H. 18:2 D+ 1767 Piano concerto
18:3  Piano concerto in F major H. 18:3 F+ 1765 21:00Piano concerto
18:4  Piano Concerto no 4 in G Major G+ 1782 18:00Piano concerto
18:5  Piano concerto in C major H. 18:5 C+ 1763 12:30Piano concerto
18:6  Piano concerto in F major H. 18:6 F+ 1766 19:30Piano concerto
18:7  Piano concerto in F major H. 18:7 F+ 1766 14:30Piano concerto
18:8  Organ concerto no. 2 in C major H. 18:8 C+ 1766 Piano concerto
18:9  Piano concerto in G major H. 18:9 G+ 1767 18:00Piano concerto
19  32 Pieces for mechanical clock (Flötenuhr)Flötenuhr = mechanical clock. This work can be partitioned along different schemes. Sometimes groups of 8 from a specific year are seen as a separate work.  1792  
21:1  Il Ritorno di Tobia     Oratorio
21:2  Die Schöpfung (The Creation)     3:30:00Oratorio
21:3  Die JahreszeitenThe seasons    2:12:00Oratorio
22:1  Missa brevis in F major F+ 1750 12:00Mass
22:10  Missa Sancti Bernardi de Offida "Heiligmesse" Bb+ 1796 33:00Mass
22:11  Mass in D minor ""Lord Nelson"Mass "in Augustijs".D- 1798 38:30Mass
22:12  Mass in B flat major "Theresienmesse"   1799 42:30Mass
22:13  Mass in B flat major "Schöpfungsmesse"   1801 41:30Mass
22:14  Mass in B flat major "Harmoniemesse" Bb+ 1802 43:00Mass
22:2  Missa Sunt Bona Mixta Malis D-   6:00Mass
22:3  Missa Rorate coeli desuper G+   Mass
22:4  Mass in E flat major "Grosse Orgelmesse"Missa in Honorem Beatissimae Virginis Mariae "Grosse Orgel-Solo-Messe".Eb+ 1766 38:00Mass
22:5  Mass in C major "Missa Cellensis"Mass "Sanctae Caeciliae".C+ 1766 Mass
22:6  Missa Sancti Nicholai "St. Nicholas Mass" G+ 1772 27:00Mass
22:7  Missa Brevis "Sancti Joannis de Deo"Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo "Little organ mass".Bb+ 1778 18:00Mass
22:8  Missa Cellensis "Mariazellermesse"Mass in C major.C+ 1782 32:00Mass
22:9  Missa in Tempore Belli "Paukenmesse" C+ 1796 38:00Mass
23a:_a1  Ave Maria gratias plena in A minor     Motet
23a:_d1  Ubi sunt misericordiae     Motet
23a:_d2  Laudate Dominum in D minor     Offertory
23a:1  Non nobis, Domine     Motet
23a:2  Animae Deo gratae (Agite Properate)   1776 Motet
23a:3  Ens aeternum, attende votisWalte gnadig, O ewige Liebe  1772 Hymn
23a:4  Quis stella radius   1762 Motet
23a:5  Ad aras convolate   1780 Motet
23a:6  Salus et gloria   1779 Motet
23a:7  Super flumina Babylonis   1772 Motet
23a:8  Ardentes seraphini     Motet
23a:a1  Parvulus filius natus est nobis     Offertory
23a:a2  Veni ad me o Jesu     Motet
23a:a3  In Deo speravit cor meus     Motet
23a:a4  Alleluja     Motet
23a:a5  Ave Maris Stella     Offertory
23a:b1  O sacramentum pietatis     Offertory
23a:b2  Mirabilis Deus     Motet
23a:b3  Cum complerentur dies Pentecostes     Motet
23a:b4  Iste est, qui ante Deum     Motet
23a:b5  Sub tuum praesidium     Motet
23a:c1  O tremenda Majestas     Motet
23a:c10  Laudate Dominum     Motet
23a:c11  Fons vivos et origo et cordium dulcedo     Offertory
23a:c13  Florete flores quasi lilium     Motet
23a:c14  Eja cantate et jubilate     Offertory
23a:c15  Tu es Deus     Motet
23a:c2  Coelestis urbs Jerusalem     Motet
23a:c3  Venite gentes et adorate     Offertory
23a:c4  Exultate Deo adjutori nostro     Motet
23a:c5  Sit laus plena     Offertory
23a:c6  Vidi civitatem sanctam Jerusalem novam     Motet
23a:c7  Magna coeli Domina C+   Motet
23a:c8  Dulcia quies qua felix anima     Motet
23a:c9  Tanta in solemnitate     Offertory
23a:d1  Mane nobiscum Domine     Offertory
23a:d2  Huc omnes volate nobiscum exultate     Offertory
23a:d3  Benedicta et venerabilis     Motet
23a:d4  Pastores loquebantur     Offertory
23a:d5  Te Deum reges     Offertory
23a:es1  Non me ad te avertit amor     Offertory
23a:es2  Quis sicut Dominus     Offertory
23a:es3  Veni sancte Spiritus     Offertory
23a:es4  Inimici circumcederunt nos     Motet
23a:es5  Alma Dei creatoris     Motet
23a:es6  Salce o verum speculum     Offertory
23a:es7  Oratorium ad Sepulchrum Domini     Oratorio
23a:es8  Oratorium de Passione     Oratorio
23a:f1  Ad festum gaudiorum     Offertory
23a:f2  Ad festum gaudiorum in F major     Motet
23a:f3  Caro cibus     Offertory
23a:g1  Confitemini Domino     Offertory
23a:g2  Veni sancte Spiritus in G major     Motet
23a:g3  Te adoro latens Deus     Motet
23a:g4  Exaudi me tu Domine     Motet
23a:g5  Gregem tuum, Pastor bone     Motet
23a:g6  Inveni David     Offertory
23a:g7  Christum Regens     Offertory
23a:g8  Exultate justi in Domino     Offertory
23a:g9  O coelitum beati     Motet
23c:1  Te Deum Laudamus   1765 8:00Hymn
23c:2  Te Deum Laudamus (1800)   1800 Hymn
23d:3  Pastorelle      
24a:6  ApplaususFestkantate.  1768 Cantata
24b:1  Costretta piangere dolente  sop,orc1762 Song
24b:10  Ah, tu non senti, amico ... Qual destra omicica  ten,orc1786 Song
24b:11  Un cor si tenero  bas,orc1787 Song
24b:12  Vada adagio, Signorina  sop,orc1787 Song
24b:13  Chi vive amante  sop,orc1787 Song
24b:14  Se tu me sprezzi, ingrata  ten,orc1788 Song
24b:15  Infelice, sventurata  sop,orc1789 Song
24b:16  Da che penso a maritarmi  ten,orc1790 Song
24b:16a  Entracte for the opera "L'Amore artigiano"opera by Florian Leopold Gassmann orc1790 Song
24b:17  Il meglio mio carattere  sop,orc1790 Song
24b:18  La moglie quando e buona  sop,orc1790 Song
24b:19  La mia pace, O Dio  sop,orc1790 Song
24b:2  D'una sposa meschinella  sop,orc1777 Song
24b:20  Solo e pensoso  sop,orc1798 Song
24b:21  Aria without text for "I finti eredi"For the role of Giannina in the opera "I finti eredi" by Giuseppe Sarti sop,orc  Song
24b:22  Tornate pur, mia bella  ten,orc  Song
24b:23  Via, siate bonino  sop,orc  Song
24b:3  Quando la rosaArie of Nannina in Pasquale Anfossis "La Metilde ritrovata" sop,orc1779 Song
24b:4  Il cor nel seno balzar mi sento  sop,orc1780 Song
24b:5  Dice benissimo, chi si marita  bas,orc  Song
24b:6  Mora l'infido ... Mi sento nel seno  sop,orc1781 Song
24b:7  Signor, voi sapete  sop,orc1785 Song
24b:8  Dica pure che vuol dire  sop,orc1785 Song
24b:9  Sono Alcina e sono ancora  sop,orc1786 Song
28:13  L'Anima del Filosofo "Orfeo ed Euridice"     2:00:00Opera
31a:57  The banks of SpeyTalk not of love, it gives me pain. From the Scottish songs.    2:30Song
  5:5 Flute Quartet in D major op. 5 no. 5 D+   Flute quartet
  5:4 Flute Quartet in G major op. 5 no. 4Quartet In G For Flute, Violin, Viola And ContinuoG+   Flute quartet
  5:1 Flute quartet opus 5 no. 1     Flute quartet
  5:2 Flute quartet opus 5 no. 2 in G major G+ 1768 Flute quartet
  51 The Seven Last Words of ChristDie sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze    45:00Other religious



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