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Worklist for Paul Hindemith

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name cmt key instr year time genre
112 works
1The Long Christmas DinnerDas lange Weihnachtsmahl  1960  
2String Quartet in C major   1915 String quartet
3Cello Concerto in E flat major  cha  Cello concerto
4Lustige Sinfonietta  orc1916  
5Lustige Lieder in Aargauer Mundart     Song cycle
67 Waltzes for Piano 4 hands  pfh  Waltz
83 pieces for cello and piano  cel,pno   
93 songsDrei Gesänge cha   
10String Quartet no 1 in F minor   1918 String quartet
11:1Sonata for Violin and Piano in E flat major     Sonata
11:2Sonata for Violin and Piano in D major     Sonata
11:3Cello Sonata No. 3  cel,pno  Cello sonata
11:4Sonata for Viola and Piano op. 11 no. 4  vla,pno1919 17:00Sonata
11:5Sonata for Viola solo, Op. 11 no 5     Sonata
11:6Sonata for Violin solo in G minor     Sonata
12Mörder, Hoffnung der Frauen   1919 Opera
13Melancholie  cha  Song cycle
143 Hymnen von Walt Whitman     Song cycle
16String Quartet no 2 in C major   1920 String quartet
17Sonata for Piano (op. 17)Mostly lost but reconstructed by Bernhard Billeter. pno  Piano Sonata
188 Songs op. 18     Song cycle
19Dance Pieces for Piano     Dances
20Das Nusch-Nuschi   1920 Opera
21Sancta Susanna  cha1921 Opera
22String Quartet no 3   1921 String quartet
23aDes Todes Tod  cha  Song cycle
23bDie junge Magd     Song cycle
24:1Kammermusik no 1 for Orchestra op. 24 no. 1  orc   
24:2Kleine Kammermusik for Wind Quintet   1922  
25:2Kleine Sonate for Viola d'Amore and Piano  vda,pno  Sonata
25:3Sonata for Cello solo op. 25 no 3  cel  Cello sonata
25:4Sonata for Viola and Piano op. 25 no 4      
26Suite for Piano "1922"  pno  19:30Suite
27Das Marienleben     1:08:30 
28Der Dämon   1922 Ballet-pantomime
30Quintet for Clarinet & Strings  cha   
31:1Sonata for Violin solo op. 31 no 1  vln  Violin Sonata
31:2Sonata for Violin solo op. 31 no 2  vln  Violin Sonata
31:4Sonata for Viola solo op. 31 no 4  vla  Sonata
32String Quartet no 4  cha1923 String quartet
34:1Trio for Strings op. 34 no 1  str   
35Die Serenaden  cha  Serenade
36:1Kammermusik no 2 for Piano and 12 Instruments      
36:2Kammermusik no 3 for Cello and 10 Instruments      
36:3Kammermusik no 4 for Violin and Orchestra  vln,orc   
36:4Kammermusik no 5 for Viola and Orchestra  vla,orc   
37Klaviermusik  pno   
38Concerto for Orchestra     Concerto
39Cardillac   1926 Opera
41Konzertmusik for Winds  win   
43Lieder für Singkreise     Song cycle
448 Stücke for String Quintet  str   
45aHin und zurück   1927 Opera
46:1Kammermusik no 6 for Viola d'Amore and Orchestra  vda,orc   
46:2Kammermusik no 7 for Organ and Chamber Orches  org,cor   
47Trio for Piano, Viola and Heckelphone  pno,vla,hec   
48Konzertmusik for Viola and Chamber Orchestra  vla,cor   
49Konzertmusik for Piano, Brass and 2 Harps      
50Concert Music for Strings and Brass  bra,str  17:30 
 12 Madrigals     Madrigal
 2 BalladsZwei Balladen    Song cycle
 2 Lieder     Song
 2 songs by Oscar Cox     Song cycle
 2 Songs for Alt and PianoZwei Lieder für Alt und Klavier    Song cycle
 6 Chansons     Song
 6 Lieder     Song
 7 Songs for Soprano or Tenor with PianoSieben Lieder für Sopran oder Tenor mit Klavierbegleitung    Song cycle
 8 Pieces for flute  flu,pno  8:00 
 9 English Songs      
 Apparebit repentina dies     Song cycle
 Clarinet and Piano Sonata in B flat  cla,pno  Sonata
 Clarinet concerto in A major  cla,orc1947 24:30 
 Concerto for Winds, Harp and Orchestra  har,win,orc  Concerto
 Concert Piece for 2 Alto Saxophones  sax2   
 Duet for 2 Cellos  cel2  Duet
 Die Harmonie der Welt   1957 Opera
 Der Schwanendreher     27:00 
 Flute Sonata  flu  15:00Sonata
 Horn Concerto  hor  Concerto
 Hérodiade de Stéphane Mallarmé   1944 Ballet
 Ludus Tonalisontrapunktische, tonal, und Klaviertechnische Übungen (counterpoint, tonal and technical studies for the piano)    52:00 
 Mathis der Maler (opera)Matthias the painter.  1934 Opera
 Mathis der Maler (symphony)Symphony derived from the opera.  1934 30:00Symphony
 Mathis der Maler   1935 Opera
 Nobilissima Visione   1938 22:00Ballet
 Neues vom Tage   1929 Opera
 Organ Sonata No. 1  org  19:00 
 Organ Sonata No. 2  org  12:00 
 Organ Sonata No. 3  org  12:00 
 Pittsburg Symphony      
 Piano Sonata (4 Hands)  pfh1938 14:30Piano Sonata
 Piano Sonata No. 1  pno1936 Piano Sonata
 Piano Sonata No. 2  pno1936 Piano Sonata
 Piano Sonata No. 3  pno1936 Piano Sonata
 Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano  cel,cla,pno,vln1938 30:00 
 Symphonic Dances     Symphonic dance
 Sonata for 4 horns  cha1952 Sonata
 Symphony for Concert Band in B flat     Symphony
 Sonata for flute and piano  flu,pno  14:00Sonata
 Sonata for harpSonate für Harfe. har1939 11:30Sonata
 Sonata for tuba and piano  tub,pno1955 Sonata
 Sonata for Two Pianos  pno21942 Piano Sonata
 Sonata for Clarinet & piano in B flat Bb+cla,pno1939 17:30Sonata
 Symphony in E flat     Symphony
 Symphonic Metamorphoses on themes of Carl Maria von Weber orc1943 20:00 
 String Quartet no 5 in E flat   1943 String quartet
 String Quartet no 6 in E flat   1945 String quartet
 Symphonia Serena     31:00Symphony
 Symphonie "Die Harmonie der Welt"     35:00Symphony
 The Four Temperaments      
 Trauermusik for Viola and Strings  vla,str  8:30 
 When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd     Song cycle



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