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Worklist for James Hook

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name cmt key instr year time genre
23 works
3Trick Upon Trick   1772 Opera
8Cupid's Revenge   1772 Opera
20The Lady of the Manor   1778 Opera
25Too Civil by Half   1782 Opera
32The Double Disguise   1784 Opera
45The Fair Peruvian   1786 Opera
53The Feast of Anacreon   1788 Opera
69Look ere you Leap   1792 Opera
80Jack of Newbury   1795 Opera
89Diamond Cut Diamond, or Venetian Revels   1797 Opera
94The Wreath of Loyalty, or British Volunteer   1799 Opera
96Wilmore Castle   1800 Opera
108The Soldier's Return or What Can Beauty Do?   1805 Opera
112The Invisible Girl   1806 Opera
113Catch him who Can   1806 Opera
114Tekeli, or the Siege of Montgatz   1806 Opera
117The Fortress   1807 Opera
119Music Mad   1807 Opera
122The Siege of St Quintin, or Spanish Heroism   1808 Opera
129Killing no Murder   1809 Opera
130Safe and Sound   1809 Opera
140Sharp and Flat   1813 Opera
 Voluntary in C minor  org   



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