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Worklist for Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Pressburg = Bratislava (Slovakia).
W=WoO; P=Opus Posth.

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Opus S
name cmt key instr year time genre
126 works
1 3 Variations op. 1     35:00Variations
2 2 Variations op. 2     19:00Variations
2a Piano Sonata No. 1 in C major     17:00Piano Sonata
3 3 Variations op. 3     27:30Variations
5:1 Sonata for Violin and Piano in B flat major  pno,vln  Sonata
5:2 Sonata for Violin and Piano in F major  pno,vln  15:00Sonata
5:3 Sonata for Viola and Piano in E flat major  pno,vla  18:00Sonata
7 3 Fugas     9:00Fugue
9 Variations in E on "Cherubini's March"     12:00Variations
10 Variations in D on "God save the queen"     8:30Variations
11 Rondo in E flat major "Favori"     4:30Rondo
12 Piano Trio No. 1 in E flat major op. 12 Eb+   23:00Piano trio
13 Piano Sonata No. 2 In E flat major Eb+   Piano Sonata
14 Sonata for Piano and Violin Concertanti in C C+   17:30Variations
15 Variations for Piano in A minorVariations for Piano in A minor on a March from Dalayrac's 'Les deux savoyards'.A-pno  Variations
16 6 German Dances  pno  24:00Dances
17 Concerto for Piano and Violin in G major G+pno,vln  Concerto
18 Fantasie in E flat for Piano, op. 18  pno  25:00Fantasy
19 Rondo quasi una fantasia for Piano in E major  pno  Rondo
20 Piano Sonata No. 3 in F minor F-   Piano Sonata
21 Variations for Piano in B flat major Bb+pno  Variations
22 Piano Trio No. 2 in F major op. 22 F+   17:00Piano trio
23 7 Hungarian Dances      
30:1 String Quartet No. 1 in C Major     String quartet
30:2 String Quartet No. 2 in G major G+   String quartet
30:3 String Quartet No. 3 in E flat major Eb+   String quartet
34 3 Variations for piano  pno   
34a Piano Concerto in C major C+   Piano concerto
35 Piano Trio No. 3 in G major op. 35 G+   15:00Piano trio
37 Grand Sonata in C major      
37a Sonata for Mandolin and Piano in C minor C-man,pno  Sonata
38 Piano Sonata No. 4 in C major C+   Piano Sonata
41 Paul et Virginie     Ballet
47 Potpourri op. 47     7:00Potpourri
49 Capriccio for Piano in F major  pno  Capriccio
50 Violin and Piano Sonata in D MajorSonata for violin or flute and piano    16:00Violin Sonata
52 Rondoletto     Rondo
53 Potpourri for Piano and Guitar in G minor G-    
54 Cello and Piano Variations "Alla Monferrina"11 variationsD-   18:00 
55 La bella capricciosa: Polonaise      
56 Rondo brillant for Piano and Orchestra in A  orc,pno  18:00Rondo
57 Variations on a theme from Gluck F+   Variations
58 Die Eselshaut no.1: potpourri in C minor C-pno  Potpourri
59 Die Eselshaut no.2: potpourri in C major C+pno  Potpourri
61 The good news     Singspiel
63 Grand Serenade no 1 in G major "Sérénade en potpourri" G+   Serenade
64 Sonata for Flute and Piano in A major A+flu,pno  Sonata
65 Piano Trio No. 4 in G major op. 65 G+   16:00Piano trio
66 Grand Serenade no 2     Serenade
67 24 Preludes     8:00Prelude
70 6 Polonaises     18:00 
73 Concertino for Piano in G major G+pno  Concertino
74 Piano Septet in D MinorSeptet for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Horn, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.D-cha   
75 Adagio, Variations and Rondo The pretty Polly  pno   
76 Variations for Piano in A major A+pno  Variations
77 Mass in B flat major Bb+   Mass
78 Adagio, Variations and Rondo "Schöne Minka" A+cel,flu,pno  Variations
80 Mass in E flat major Eb+   Mass
81 Piano Sonata No. 5 in F sharp minor F#-   23:00Piano Sonata
83 Piano Trio No. 5 in E major Eb+   30:00Piano trio
85 Piano Concerto in A minor A-   Piano concerto
87 Piano Quintet in E flat majorQuintet for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.Eb+   Piano quintet
88 Quod quod in orbe      
89 Piano Concerto in B minor B-   Piano concerto
89a Alma VirgoOffertorium    Offertory
92 Grand Sonata for Piano 4 Hands in A flat  pfh  Piano Sonata
92a Sonata for Piano op. 92a     Piano Sonata
93 Piano Trio No. 6 in E flat major op. 93 Eb+   21:00Piano trio
94 Potpourri for Viola and Orchestra "Fantasia" G-vla,orc  9:00Potpourri
95 Potpourri from Don Giovanni  cel,orc  9:30Potpourri
96 Piano Trio No. 7 in E flat major op. 96 Eb+   19:00Piano trio
97 Theme and Variations in F major F+   Variations
98 Rondo brillant for Piano and Orchestra in Bb Bb+orc,pno  Rondo
99 Nocturne for Piano 4 hands in F major     Nocturne
101 Premiere ouverture in B flat major     7:00Overture
102 Variations for Oboe and Orchestra in F major F+obo  Variations
104 Sonata for Cello and Piano in A major A+cel,pno  22:00Sonata
105 3 Amusements en forme de caprices     Capriccio
106 Piano Sonata No. 6 in D major D+   27:00Piano Sonata
107 6 Bagatelles for piano  pno  Bagatelle
108 Amusement for Violin and Piano in F minor F-pno,vln  13:00 
109 Rondo brillante for Piano in B minor  pno  9:00Rondo
109a 2 Waltz-Rondolettos     6:00Waltz
110 Piano Concerto No. 4 in E major "Les Adieux" E+   Piano concerto
111 Mass in D Major D+   Mass
113 Concerto for Piano in A flat major     Piano concerto
114 Piano Septet No. 2 C major "Militaire"Septet for Piano, Strings and Winds.C+cha   
115 Variations on a theme from BerlinVariations on a theme from Berlin Singspiel "Das Fest der Handwerker".    Variations
116 Oberons ZauberhornFantasy for piano and orchestra orc,pno   
117 Gesellschafts Rondo     Rondo
120 Rondo in E flat major for Piano "La galante" Eb+   9:00Rondo
122 Rondo villageois Ab+   6:30Rondo
123 Fantasie for Piano in G minor     13:00Fantasy
124 Fantasina on themes from "Le nozze di Figaro"     Fantasy
125 24 Etudes for Piano     Etude
126 Rondo brillant for Violin and Piano in GGrande Rondeau Brillant for flute or violin and piano.G+pno,vln/flu  14:00Rondo
  164Air varié et finale rapsodique     6:00 
  28Concerto for Mandolin in G major G+   Concerto
  10Die Eselshaut: Harmonie arrangements      
  148Freudenfest Overture in D      
  205Impromptu for 2 Pianos     1:15Impromptus
  168Impromptu in Canone     0:30Impromptus
  194Impromptu in F major     1:00Impromptus
  48Partita in E flat majortwo Oboes, two Clarinets, two Horns, two Bassoons and Contrabass ad lib.Eb+cha  14:30 
  190Recollections of Paganini C+pno  11:00Fantasy
  The Piano Method60 practice pieces  1828 Etude
  161Variation from Diabelli's Waltz     2:30Variations
P1 Piano Concerto in F majorOp. Posth. 1.F+   Piano concerto
P3 The Scotch Contradance - Rondo     6:30Dances
P5 Introduction and Rondo  pno2  13:00Rondo
P6 Capriccio     Capriccio
P7 2 Preludes and 2 Fugues for Organ C-org  Fugue
P9 6 Piano pieces  pno  9:00 
W1 49Trumpet Concerto in E flat major Eb+tru   
W12 74Missa Solemnis in C major C+   Mass
W13 67Mass in D minor     Mass
W16 70Te Deum in D major D+   Hymn
W18 79Salve regina in B flat major      
W2 Variations on "O du lieber Augustin" C+orc  9:00Variations
W23 63Concerto for Bassoon in F major F+bsn,orc  26:00Bassoon Concerto
W24 4Piano Concerto in A major A+   Piano concerto
W3 String Trio in E flat     22:30String Trio
W31 206La clochette      
W4 String Trio in G     String Trio
W5 Quartet in E flat majorQuartet for Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello in E flat majorEb+cha   
W9 1812 Piano pieces S181  pno  5:00 



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