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Worklist for Dmitri Kabalevsky

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name cmt key instr year time genre
106 works
13 Preludes for piano op. 1   1925 Prelude
22 Pieces for cello and piano  cel,pno1927  
3Album of Children's Pieces for piano  pno1940  
43 Poems after A. Blok for singer and piano  voc,pno1927 Song cycle
54 Preludes for piano op. 5   1928 Prelude
6Piano Sonata No. 1 in F major F+ 1927 Piano Sonata
72 Songs after M. Artamonov and V. Shukovski  voc,pno1928 Song
8String Quartet No. 1 in A minor A-stq1928 String quartet
9Piano Concerto No. 1 in A minor A- 1928 Piano concerto
103 Songs after Gerassimov, Artamonov and KliuyevThree Songs after M. Gerassimov, M. Artamonov and N. Kliuyev voc,pno1930 Song
118 Merry Songs after V. Kataev  voc,pno1930 Song cycle
12Poem of Struggle after A. Sharov  orc,cho1931 Poem
13:1Piano Sonatina no 1 in C major C+ 1930 Sonatina
13:2Piano Sonatina no 2 in G minor   1933 Sonatina
14From the Life of a Pioneer  pno1931  
15Music to "Galitsiskaya Zacheria"Music to the Radiocomposition "Galitsiskaya Zacheria" after B. Yansens for solists, chorus and orchestra voc0,cho,orc1931 Song
163 Songs after Musam, Sharov and Surkov  mvo,pno1932 Song
178 Songs for cildren's chorus and pianoEight Songs after O. Vissotskaya, A. Prishelts ans A. Barto for children's chorus and piano chc,pno1932 Song
18Symphony no 1 in C sharp minor C#- 1932 Symphony
19Symphony no 2 in C minor C-orc1934 Symphony
204 Preludes for piano op. 20   1934 Prelude
21Improvisato for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1934 Improvisation
22Symphony no 3 in B flat minor, "Requiem for Lenin"on text of N. AssayevBb-cho,orc1933 Symphony
23Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor G- 1935 Piano concerto
24Colas Breugnonopera in 3 acts    Opera
24ASuite from Colas breugnon  orc1938 Suite
25Music to the play "Two Songs"after N. Shestakov  1937 Incidental music
26Comedians Suite  orc1940 Suite
2730 Children's Pieces  pno1938  
28Golden EarsBallet in 3 acts  1940 Ballet
28aSuite from the ballet "Golden Ears"  orc1940 Suite
29Suite for jazz orchestra  orc1940 Jazz
303 Pieces for piano op. 30  pno1939  
31Parade of the Youth  chc,orc1941  
322 Songs after Bezemenski and Vladimirski  voc,pno1941  
333 Vocal-Monologues  voc,orc1941  
343 Songs after S. Marshak  voc,pno1941 Song
35Vast Motherland  sop,bas,cho,orc1942 Cantata
36Revenger of the Peoplesuite on text by Y. Dolmatovski cho,orc1942 Suite
37In the Fire   1942 Opera
3824 Preludes for Piano  pno1944 Prelude
3924 Easy Pieces  pno1944  
40Easy Variations for piano in D major and A minorToccata org1944 Variations
417 Merry Songs after S. Marshak  voc,pno1945 Song cycle
424 Funny Songs after Marshak and Michalkov  voc,pno1945 Song cycle
432 Russian Folk-Songs  bas/ten,pno1945 Song cycle
44String Quartet No. 2 in G minor G-stq1945 String quartet
45Piano Sonata no 2 in E flat major     Piano Sonata
46Piano Sonata no 3 in F major F+ 1946 15:30Piano Sonata
47The Taras Family   1950 Opera
48Violin Concerto in C major C+ 1948 Violin concerto
49Concerto for Cello no 1 in G minor   1949 Cello concerto
50Piano concerto No. 3 in D major "Youth" D+ 1952 Piano concerto
51Easy Variations for Piano vol. 2Six? Variations on Ukrainian Folk-Themes pno1952 Variations
5210 Sonnets by Shakespeare  voc,pno1955 Poem
53Nikita Vershinin   1955 Opera
54Symphony no 4 in C minor C-orc1956 Symphony
552 Romances after A. Kovalenkov  ten,pno1956 Song
56Romeo and Juliet Suitemusical sketches orc1956 Suite
57Song of Tomorrow, Spring and Peace  chc,orc1958 Cantata
58Song of Spring   1957 Operetta
59Rondo for Piano in A minor A- 1958 Rondo
604 Easy Rondos for piano  pno1958 Rondo
61Preludes and Fugues for piano  pno1959 Preludes and fugues
62In Fairy Tail's Forrest  spe,voc,pno1958 Musical story
63The Leninists  cho3,orc1959 Cantata
64Pathétique Overture  orc1960 Overture
65Spring  orc1960 Symphonic poem
66The Camp of Friendshipsongs of the pathfinders of Artek chc,pno1961 Song cycle
67A Kitchen-Garden on View  chc,pno1961 Dances
68Etudes in Major and Minor for cello solo  cel1961 Etude
69Rondo for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1961 Rondo
703 Dance-Songs for voice and piano  vln,pno1960 Song cycle
71Cello Sonata in B major B+cel,pno1962 Cello sonata
72Requiem  voc,cho,chc,orc1962 Requiem
733 Songs of Revolutionary Cuba  voc,pno1963 Song cycle
743 Eightlines of R. Gamsatov  sop,pno1963 Song cycle
75Rhapsody on a Theme of the Song "Schoolyears"  pno,orc1963 Rhapsody
765 Romances after R. Gamsatov  sop,pno1964 Song cycle
77Cello Concerto No. 2 in C minor C- 1964 Cello concerto
78To the Memory of the Heroes of Gorlovkasymphonic pictureE#-orc1965  
79To the Memory of Sergei Prokofiev  cel,pno1965 Rondo
80Pieces for violin and piano  vln,pno1965  
81Spring-Dances  pno1965 Dances
82On the Motherlandcantata after Z. Solodar chc,orc1965 Cantata
83The Sisters   1969 Opera
84Recitative and Rondo for piano  pno1967 Rondo
85The Eternal Flame in Bryansk  orc  Symphonic poem
86In The Camp of the Pathfindersin the pioneer camp pno1968  
87Variations on Folk-Themes for piano  pno1967 Variations
886 Pieces for piano  pno1971  
8935 Easy Pieces for piano  pno1974  
90Colas Breugnon (second version)   1968 Opera
91Conversation with a Cactuseight children's songs after V. Viktorov voc,pno1970 Song cycle
923 songs about Lenin  chc,pno1970 Song cycle
93A Letter to the 30th Century   1972 Oratorio
93aLyric Melodies  pno1972  
943 Songs-Plays after I. Rachillo  chc,pno1973 Song cycle
95The Heroes of the Revolution of 1905  wor1974  
96ISME-Fanfares  orc1974  
97Songs of Friendship  fch,chc,sop/ten1975 Song cycle
982 Youth-Songs after V. Viktorov  voc,pno1975 Song cycle
99Piano Concerto No. 4 "Prague Concerto"  orc,pno1975 Piano concerto
100Timesix romances after S. Marshak bar,pno1975 Song cycle
101Cry of the Songcycle of romances after O. Tumanian voc,pno1979 Song cycle
 Concerto for Piano no 4 "Prague"     Piano concerto



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