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Worklist for Viktor Kalabis

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name cmt key instr year time genre
28 works
2Piano Sonata no. 1  pno1947 Piano Sonata
4Piano Sonata no. 2  pno1948 Piano Sonata
5Birds' Weddings  sop,pno  Song
12Concerto for piano and orchestra  pno,orc1953 Piano concerto
21Chamber music for strings  str1962  
25Concerto op. 25  orc1965 Concerto
29Sonata for cello and piano  cel,pno1968 Cello sonata
30Sonata for clarinet and piano  cla,pno1968 Clarinet sonata
31Variations for horn and piano  hor,pno1969 Variations
32Sonata for trombone and piano  trb,pno1970 Sonata
33Symphony no. 3  orc1970 Symphony
353 Pieces for flute  flu1973 8:00 
48String quartet No. 3  stq1977 String quartet
50Spring Whistlesfor octet: 8 wind instruments win81979  
55Suite for clarinet and piano  cla,pno  9:00Suite
58Sonata for violin and piano  vln,pno1982 Violin Sonata
62String quartet No. 4  stq1984 String quartet
66Diptych  sor1986  
734 Images  flu,hsc1991  
74Hallelujah (Psalm 150)  vln,pno1991 Psalm
75Prelude, Aria and Toccata  hsc1992 Toccata
80Tempting  flu1985  
82Ludus   1996 Piano quartet
84Sonata for viola and piano  vla,pno  15:00Sonata
86Rondo Drammatico  cel1998 Rondo
873 Impressions  cla21999  
89Allegro impetuoso  pno2000 Allegro
 Piano Trio     15:30Piano trio



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