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Worklist for Albert Ketèlbey

Albert William Ketèlbey

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name cmt key instr year time genre
51 works
 3 Fanciful Sketches      
 Aberfoyle     Waltz
 A Desert Romance      
 A Sunday Afternoon Reverie      
 Bells across the Meadows     4:00 
 Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind      
 By the Blue Hawaiian Waters   1927  
 Chal RomanoA Gypsy Overture    Overture
 Cockney Suiteincludes: Bank Holiday  1924  
 Danse a la tarentelle      
 Dance of the Merry Mascots      
 From a Japanese Screen   1934  
 Fairy Butterfly      
 Fiddle Fun      
 In A Camp Of The Ancient Brightons      
 In a Chinese Temple Garden   1925  
 In a Fairy Realm     Suite
 In a Lovers' Garden   1925  
 In a Monastery Garden   1915  
 In a Persian Market   1920 9:00 
 I Call You From The Shadows      
 In Holiday Mood      
 Italian Twilight   1951  
 In the Moonlight   1919  
 In the Mystic Land of Egypt   1931  
 Jungle Drums      
 King Cupid      
 Knights of the KingGrand Processional March    March
 My Heart Still Clings to You      
 Men of England     Ode
 Mind the SlideThe Troubled Trombone     
 Phantasy for String Quartet   1915 Fantasy
 Romantic Suite   1922  
 Silver-CloudAn Indian Maiden's Song    Song
 Sunset Glow      
 Sanctuary of the Heart      
 The Clock and the Dresden Figures      
 The Heart's Awakening   1908  
 The Phantom Melody      
 The Sacred HourReverie     
 Tangled Tunes      
 The Vision of Fuji-San      
 Victory Bells  pno   
 Wedgwood BlueGraceful Dance     
 Wedgewood Blue   1920 Orchestral suite
 With Honour CrownedProcessional March    March
 WildhawkAn Indian Romance    Romance
 WongaAn Oriental Intermezzo     
 Will You Forgive?      



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