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Worklist for August Klughardt

August Friedrich Martin Klughardt

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name cmt key instr year time genre
28 works
12Sophionisbe  orc  Overture
15Mirjam   1870 Opera
18Concert Piece for Oboe and OrchestraKonzertstück obo,orc1870  
26Die Wacht am RheinSiegesouvertüre. The watch on the Rhine orc1871 Overture
27Symphony no. 1 "Lenore"  orc1873 Symphony
285 Schilflieder "Fantasy Pieces after Poems by LenaReed songs  1872 Song cycle
34Symphony no. 2 in F minor F-orc1876 Symphony
35Iwein   1877 Opera
37Symphony no. 3 in D major D+orc1880 Symphony
38Gudrun   1883 Opera
40Suite in A minor A0orc1883 Suite
42String quartet in F major F+stq1883 String quartet
43Piano quintet in G minor G- 1883 Piano quintet
45Concert Overture in G major     Overture
47Piano Trio in B flat major Bb+ 1895 Piano trio
48Die Hochzeit des MönchsThe friar's wedding  1885 Opera
57Symphony no. 4 in C minor C-orc1897 Symphony
58String sextet in C sharp minor C#- 1890  
59Cello Concerto in A minor A-orc1890 Cello concerto
61String quartet in D major D+stq1890 String quartet
62String quintet in G minor G- 1890  
67Auf der WanderschaftOn the tramp orc1896 Suite
68Violin concerto in D major D+orc1895 Violin concerto
71Symphony no. 5 in C minor C-orc1897 Symphony
79Wind quintet C+ 1898 20:00 
 Die Zerstörung JerusalemsThe destruction of Jerusalem    Oratorio
 Judith     Oratorio
 Romance for bass clarinet and orchestra  cla,orc  Romance



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