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Worklist for György Kurtag

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name cmt key instr year time genre
16 works
48 pieces for violin and cymbalom  vln   
6cSzálkák (Splinters), for cimbalom      
7Sayings of Péter BornemiszaBornemisza Péter mondásai  1968  
114 song-settings of poems by Janos Pilinszk  orc,voc1973  
15cGrabstein for StephanFor guitar and orchestra orc1978  
24Kafka fragments   1985 Song cycle
33Stele  orc1994  
 12 microludes for string quartet   1977  
 8 piano pieces      
 Beads for chorus     Choir
 János Pilinszky: Gérard de Nerval  cel   
 Keringo for speaker & 2 pianos ("Waltz")  pno   
 Messages of the late Demoiselle Troussova  orc,voc1976  
 Officium breve for string quartet   1989  
 Romantic scenes   1981  
 Song, Songs of Despair and Sorrow   1980  



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