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Worklist for Nicholas Lanier

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name cmt key instr year time genre
36 works
Almond (Allemande)      
Amorosa pargoletta     Song
Bring away this sacred tree     Song
Collin, say, why sit'st thou so     Song
Come, thou glorious object of my sight     Song
Do not expect to hear     Song
Fire, fire     Song
Have you any work for the sowgelder, hoArranged from Wilson    Song
I prithee keep my sheep for me     Song
I was not wearier     Song
I wish no more     Song
In guilty nightArranged from Ramsey (The Witch of Endor).    Song
Like hermit poor     Song
Love and I of late did part     Song
Mark how the blushful morn     Song
Misera pastorella     Song
Neither sighs, nor tears     Song
No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers     Song
No, no, I tell thee no     Song
Nor com'st thou yetHero's complaint to Leander    Song
O Amantissime Domine     Song
Of thee kind boy, I ask no red and white     Song
Qual musico gentil     Song
Shepherd in faith I cannot stay     Song
Silly heart forbear     Song
Stay, silly heart     Song
Sweet, do not thus destroy me     Song
Symphonia in G major     Symphony
Symphonia in G minor     Symphony
Tell me shepherd     Song
Thou art not fair for all thy red and white     Song
Though I am young     Song
Thus, thus at lastfrom Self Portrait    Song
Weep no more my wearied eyes     Song
Young and simple though I am     Song



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