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Worklist for Stephen Leek

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name cmt key instr year time genre
42 works
Advance Australia Fair  cho   
Ancient Cries  cho   
Birdsongs  cho   
Black Children  cho   
Black Swana  cho   
Breakers  cho  Song
Ceduna  cho   
Cicadas  cho   
Coraparena  cho   
Cutty Sark  cho   
Drovers  cho   
Goolay-Yali  cho   
Into The Darkness  cho   
Island Songs  cho   
Kumbargung  cho   
Leave Her Johnny  cho   
Midsummer Noon  cho   
Monkey And Turtle  cho   
Morning Tide  cho   
Myoon-Myoon  cho   
Ngana  cho  Song
Ngayulyul  cho   
Night Birds  cho   
Night Fishing  cho   
Night Singing  cho   
Rainbird  cho   
Riawanna  cho   
Rookery  cho   
Simple Gifts  cho   
Sleep  cho   
Songs Of Passage  cho   
South Australia  cho   
Tabulam  cho   
The Seagull  cho   
Tintinara  cho   
Trade Winds  cho   
Tunggare  cho   
Until I Saw  cho  3:00 
Voices Of A Land  cho   
Waltzing Matilda  cho   
Wild Black Crows  cho   
Winter  cho  Song



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