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Worklist for Louis Lefébure-Wély

Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wely

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name cmt key instr year time genre
22 works
54Nocturne "Les Cloches du Monestère" Db+pno  Nocturne
122Meditationes religiosas for Organ  org   
166Boléro de concert for Organ in G minor G-   Hymn
 Afin d'être docile et sage     1:30Choir
 Andante in F  org  3:00Andante
 Andantino  org   
 Communion for Organ in F major F+org   
 Elévation ou Communion for Organ in A minor A-org   
 March for Organ in C major C+org  March
 March for Organ in E flat major Eb+org  7:00March
 Mon fils pour apprendre     2:00Choir
 Marche in F  org  4:00 
 Noël varié for Organ  org   
 Offertory for Organ in D minor D-   Offertory
 Offertoire pour le Jour de Noël     Offertory
 Pleins de ferveur     1:15Choir
 Pastorale for Organ  org   
 Prelude on the Hymn for PentecostPrelude on the Hymn for the Feast of Pentecost    Hymn
 Sortie for Organ in B flat major Bb+org   
 Sortie for Organ in E flat major Eb+org   
 Sortie for Organ in G minor G-org   
 Scène Pastorale for Organ  org   



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