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Worklist for Witold Lutoslawski

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name cmt key instr year time genre
81 works
10 polish Folk Songs on soldier's themes   1951 Song
2 Children's songs (1948)   1948 Opera
2 Children's songs (1952)  pno,voc1952  
2 Songs for Soprano and piano  pno,voc1934  
2 Studies for piano  pno1940  
3 children's songs (1958)  pno,voc1958  
3 children's songs (1959)  pno,voc1959  
3 pieces for the young  pno1953  
3 poemes de Henri Michaux3 Poems of Henri Michaux. For 20 voices and orchestra. orc,voc1963  
3 Postludia  orc1963  
3 Short-film scores   1936 Film score
3 songs     Song
5 Songs  pno,voc1957  
50 contrapuntal studies for woodwinds  win1943  
6 Children's SongsSzesc piosenek dziecinnych.  1949 Song
7 songsChorus and piano  1952 Choir
Bog, cezarz i chlopGod, Caesar and peasant. Theater music.  1950  
Bukoliki (Bucolics)  pno1952  
Cello Concerto   1970 Cello concerto
Chain 1  cha1984  
Chain 2  orc,vln1985  
Chain 3  orc1986  
Chantefleurs et Chantefables  orc,voc1990  
Children's songs for voice and c. orchestra   1954 Song
Children's songs for voice and piano   1953 Song
Concerto for Orchestra   1954 Concerto
Concerto for Piano  pno1988 Concerto
CydEl Cid. Theater Music.  1948  
Double ConcertoFor oboe, Harp and orchestra.  1980 Concerto
Dwadziescie koled20 Polish Carols. pno,voc1946  
Epitaph  orc1979  
Fanfare for CUBE  brb1987  
Fanfare for LA Philharmonic   1994  
Fanfare for Lancaster  brb1989  
Fanfare for Louisville  orc1986  
FantazyFantasy. Theater music.  1948 Opera
Folk Melodies (Melodie Ludowe)  pno1945 10:00 
Grave  cel,pno1981  
Interlude  orc1989  
Invention  pno1968  
Jesien (Autumn)  orc,voc1951  
Jeux Venitiens (Venetian Games),  orc1961  
Lacrimosa for Soprano   1937 Song
LawinaAvalanche. pno,voc1949  
Les Espaces du SommeilThe spaces of sleep orc,voc1975  
Little SuiteMala suita.  1950 Suite
Livre pour orchestre  orc1968  
Melodie LudoweFolk Melodies pno1945  
Merry Wives of WindsorWesole kumoszki z Windsoru. Theater music.  1949  
Mi-parti  orc1975  
Mini-overture  brb1982 Overture
Miniatura (Miniature)   1953 Piano duet
Muzyka zalobna (Funeral Music)   1958 String orchestra
Novelette  orc1978  
Odra do BaltykuFrom the Oder to the Baltic.  1945 Film score
Overture for strings   1949 Opera
Paroles tissées (Woven Words)  cha1965  
PartitaIn 1988 edited for violin and orchestra. pno,vln1984  
Piano Concerto   1988 26:00Piano concerto
Piesni walki podziemnejSongs of the Underground Struggle pno,voc1942  
Prelude for GSMD  orc1989 Prelude
Preludes and Fugue13 solo strings.  1970 Strings
Preludia taneczneDance Preludes  1954 10:00Prelude
Recitative e arioso  pno,vln1951  
Sacher Variation  cel1975  
Slides  cha1988  
Slomkowy lancuszek i inne dziecinne utwory   1950 Song
Sonata for piano  pno1934 Sonata
String Quartet   1964 String quartet
Subito for violin and piano  pno,vln1992 5:00 
Suita WarszawskaWarsaw Suite  1946 Film score
Symphonic Variations  orc1938  
Symphony no. 4   1992 Symphony
Symphony No.1   1947 Symphony
Symphony No.2   1965 Symphony
Symphony No.3   1983 Symphony
Tarantella  pno,voc1990  
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon  bsn,cla,obo1945  
Tryptyk slaskiSilesian triptych orc,voc1951  
Variations on a Theme of Paganini   1941 Piano duet
Wiosna (spring)  orc,voc1951  



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